Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What a load of rubbish!

Echo (online) Wednesday 23 November 2005

Residents say recycling's a load of rubbish
by Diana Henderson


Anonymous said...

Right! it is a danger to our health. besides the rubbish piling up inside our homes creating a fire hazard. What ever are these councilors thinking about?
This looks like a bit of petty "I will have my own way"

Anonymous said...

These guys couldn't even get the collection calander correct. Novemeber route K 05 has two 7ths,14ths, 21sts and 28ths!

Anonymous said...

They say it is a sucess. The recycling percentage has gone up. Of course it will if you retrict the amount of rubbish collected. We can all play games with figures but it doesn't stop the uncollected rubbish destroying what was an area of outstanding beauty. Have you driven through Corfe and seen the electric blue bags everywhere. Very pretty! So much of Purbeck is unsuited to Wheelie bins, in fact it was the biggest mistake the PDC could make.