Saturday, September 10, 2005


It seems to me that with the new rubbish collection rules...two sacks and that is it! Is nothing short of ridiculous. That immediately raises the question? What happens when we have several household rubbish sacks to get rid of. Then again, another question about public health? with the possibilty of rotting food hanging about for two weeks in the broiling sun.Surely we are going backwards towards a third world country state. Hoisted on us by our local council. Who is the person that is responsible for this backwards step?If they are running out of space then go and find somewhere else to get rid of it. There are many places in the Purbecks where old rubbish dumps are used, and sometimes built on.The new housing estate at the top of Bell Street was a place where rubbish was dumped. Yet here,it is now covered with houses.Dancing Ledge.

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Anonymous said...

What do you expect? The good burghers of Dorset always vote for cost cutting bean counters whose vision is limited to seeing public spending as something which is basically wrong so we get second or third rate public services. Leaving aside routine swipes at council wastefulness how much more is Dancing Ledge prepared to pay in tax for decent services? You don't get owt for nowt as they say in North Dorset.

Anonymous said...

fair question! For a start I would get out the pruning knife and start work on what appears to me as a bloated system, and one that is not much interested in the views, or the needs, of those it is supposed to serve.

This is my view! The very little contact that I have made, I rather got the impression that they were "Aloof" and certainly not helpful to those they are there to serve..This is my own view and no one else's

And then, I would also look very carefully at who we vote for in the future.
Dancing Ledge

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recall any public consultation carried out by PDC prior to the decision to reduce the rubbish collection to alternate weeks? I can't. Funny that they always say they are keen on consultation but when it comes to it there isn't any.

Anonymous said...

Dancing Ledge you miss the point. The problem with PDC is that it is a miserable little Mickey Mouse council. If it was a private company it would have been taken over by a larger concern years ago. It is the smallest District Council in the land. What to you expect in Toytown.

Anonymous said...

Was there any consultation about making what is a major change in the rubbish collections from weekly to fortnightly collections? None at all. Hardly anyone knew that it was even being discussed.
The decision was effectively taken by PDC's policy group. The public can't attend those meetings.
Is it a major change? Well, yes. And expensive? Every householder will be paying an average of more than £3 a year extra to have a reduced rubbish collection service.
And it's costing £4 a household to publicise the fortnightly collection - money that should have been, at least in part, spent beforehand to see if it was what the public wanted (and to assess whether it would accept it).

Anonymous said...

I've just spoken to the PDC on 557279 and someone's coming round to arrange for me to have blue sacks instead of a wheely bin - I'd urge anyone else to call and ask for the same if they have problems storing the bins or simply don't want the things cluttering up their street.

As I type, someone rang back to say I could leave the bin in the service road... that's Taunton Road to anyone who doesn't know it! I explained that Taunton Road was a public right of way, and then i was told I'd have to leave it on my property... which is a flight of steps and a fire escape route, as I explained again!