Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shark..croc.. now big cats?

A mystery big cat animal has been spotted in a field on the outskirts of Dorchester.

Mark Dawson said he is 'absolutely 100 per cent sure' that the animal he saw standing in a field near Dorchester football stadium was a panther.

....other people have claimed to see panther-type animals in the area.

Last year Marjorie Nicholson, of Talbothays Road in Dorchester, told how she saw a panther walking in her road early one morning and watched it walk off towards St Osmund's Middle School.

And farmers have reported finding dead livestock showing wounds consistent with a big cat attack.


Anonymous said...

I have seen a big cat in the fields at durlston and I know of at least 8 other people who have seen it in the past couple of years. I think they are a lot more common than most people think.

The Postman said...

any records of formal reports - to Durlston Country Park, the Police or anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I've personally seen a black swan, a red lion and a white horse. Saturday nights are best times for sightings.

Anonymous said...

At this precise moment there are 3 sets of headlights moving across Durlston Country Park - Jacuars!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

At 11:35 AM, The Postman said...
any records of formal reports - to Durlston Country Park, the Police or anyone else?
What would be the point of reporting it to the police or the country park lot? They wouldnt do anything would they? or are you suggesting that we have a good old fashion witch hunt and kill some cats?

Dorset Echo Forum Comments said...

This is clearly a plot by the County Council to keep protestors off the route of the Relief Road by having them all killed to death by fierce animals.

... though if this unusual creature is found to be native to the area there are good grounds for not building the Relief Road at all.

Leave it alone, where there is one there will be two, just raiding the bins at Tesco I suppose!!! One was seen at Winfrith and at Moreton, so they get about!!!!

Twas one of my cows. Now get off my land

No it was definitely a Donkey which has escaped from the Avenue Stadium

Waaait - it was a full moon two nights ago. They've let the hairy-palmed Portland Werewolf off the island again, haven't they?

Albo, my wife was at home that night, so don't make unfounded allegations.

Sounds like it could have been a black labrador ? I think it unlikely that a panther would be walking around so close to a town.

I expect it was a very plump panther,with a taste for wrong decisions in refereeing.

After a cold night in the Avenue ground i saw nothing of interest, so me and Nutkins came hot foot back to Bristol. The wild life up here is much more intresting

Small boys playing football in the park, is it, just got rid of Jonny and Nutkins marvellous. Peter the cat Bonnetie between the jumpers for goal post, when he leaps, like a lepored, marvellous eh Cammy. Unbelevable Ron. Back to the studio

Unbelevable Ron.

It sounds like it was probably my cat. He's absolutely enormous and is eating us out of house and home. He's quite harmless.

- these are some of the credits readers of the Dorset Echo website have posted. They do seem to have a lot of fun on their forum!

Anonymous said...

This all begs an important question. What is the correct way to hunt this creature? Hounds are out of course but does one stalk it or would it be best to rent some elephants from a circus and do it like a tiger hunt? Perhaps some local chaps could be employed to flush it from cover towards the guns. I have never come across an etiquette for panther hunting.