Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ah!The charms of Swanage

What a delight it might be to stroll through the pretty cobbled ways of these ancient lanes (or drongs as they used to be called). If only people didn't feel they had the right to leave their rubbish stored away from their own back yard but in full view of everyone else. And when will the district council stop turning a blind eye? PDC might as well close down its tourist office if this is what it encourages.


Anonymous said...

DCC spent a small fortune in late '80's putting down a new stone serface, (having seen fit to remove the original beach stones). Now it never even gets swept. Has anyone asked for the bins to be put back in the yard where they were for years before?

Anonymous said...

I hear The Cauldron is not in the Good Food Guide this year so perhaps there will be less rubbish?