Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hospital (MIU)

What happened at the meeting last night about reduced hours for the so-called MIU (or A&E) at Swanage Hospital?


Anonymous said...

Not sure but the second (and final) one is tonight at 6.30pm - get your skates on!

The Postman said...

I attended the meeting last night at the packed Methodist Church.I gather the previous night had also been well attended by an etsimated 300 people.
The meeting was well chaired by Anne Thomas, chair of the Dorset Primary Care Trust, who was adamant that the decision had NOT yet been taken and that all comments (and the 5000+ petition) would be taken into consideration. The audience was better behaved than at the Mowlem meeting (having a roving mic helped). Only a few oiky hecklers. It seemed everyone had a chance to have their say, voicing their various concerns. The meeting is on the 17th sept, so no doubt we shall know soon.