Saturday, September 22, 2007


Here's a thought. I teach in a College of Further Education. At lunchtime today we were having a chat about this years in-take. Our conclusion was; 'they're good'. Motivated, polite and humourous.

There were 5 to 7 of us - we don't all get the same breaks - from 5 different departments. We started to put an historical context on this, and year on year (YoY) the students are improving.
Sure we still get a few challenging students, but, YoY, fewer and fewer.

After a long chat, a mixture of Authortarian (do what I say or else), Consensual (well, let's talk about that - ME) and Laissez-faire (yeah, whatever suits you), teachers came to the same conclusion. Ah, the beauty of group therapy!

That conclusion is that we've had 10 years of a Labour Gov't. and their policies are working!
Please remember, Labour have spent a fortune on the Infrastructure. By 2012 EVERY SINGLE school in England (possibly Wales) will have been re-built or refurbished.

The huge 'sick bill', back in approx 1995 DCC's second largest expenditure - after wages, was the 'sick bill', is now much smaller. Resources are appearing - too slowly, but they are turning up.

The main thing that isn't being funded are our wage rises! But as we don't run away and get new jobs, mebbie there's a message there!

So, what Labour is doing is working. We were quite shocked.

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Anonymous said...

Funding up by £1000.00 per pupil.
Investment in schools up by £700, million in 1997 to £7 Billion today.
32000 more teachers. Additional 9.4 Billion for primary schools over the next five years. Teachers pay up over 20% since 97.
86,000 teaching asaistants.

A five fold increase in schools, 70% acheived good CSEs 83 schools in 97 to 418 now.
Something must be right!

Anonymous said...

This first post smacks of central office.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no reason to disagree with the last post. The only annoying thing is that we're post 16.

Our LEA is prepared - it seems - to spend £150+ million on our rebuild. Rumour has it that our pay rise will be 0.5%.

Rumour also has it that it will be backdated to Febuary!

I suppose that it's a question of priorities?

In case you're wondering, no, I won't be changing my job!

Luckily, in my priorities, money isn't number 1.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant the first post

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "post 16"?

Anonymous said...

over 16