Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Online scams

A reminder for the unwary... I just received an email saying there had been some unusual activity on my online account and that I should 'click here' to investigate. I phoned my bank first, and of course it's a scam, probably with a dummy site that will ask for your account details. My bank said they would never do anything like this: they would always provide my name (this didn't have my name in the address) and account number. Take care ……


Anonymous said...

If you hate scammers ( who does not) then take a look at this link. It's long but worth it

The Dreaming Void

Anonymous said...

I receive large numbers of these, often purporting to come from banks I have never used. A common give-away is that if you put your mouse pointer over the link they offer and look at the site it points two which is shown at the bottom of the screen, it has a name that has nothing to do with the bank or is something made up around its name.

The banks do not seem to be at all interested in tracking down the perpetrators. At least ebay and paypal tell you to forward suspect emails to their spoof departments.