Saturday, December 01, 2007

Winter trade?

Are Swanage businesses doing well?
Would they like to do better?
Do they think that attracting more visitors out-of-season would increase their business?
What attracts people out-of-season?

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Anonymous said...

You could start by having shops which people would drive into Swanage to use (Think Hay-on-Wye.
Then provide some boutique hotels that people would drive to -just to stay in. (Think St Mawes)
A destination restaurant would be good. (Think Watergate Bay)
Then if you type Swanage into Google the first link would take you to page with at least one picture which was recognisably of Swanage.
I would actually also partially ban cars from the Town, so everyone was encouraged to come park and ride. Swanage would then have a unique identity which would market itself.

Anonymous said...

Despite the negative press second home owners get they are a huge market. If you multiply up the number of second homes by the famlies, friends and relatives of their owners you get to a fair few thousand people who can have a weekend here for no more than the price of the petrol and who have money.

Anonymous said...

here we go again all we need is book shops and art galleries, Boutique hotels thats just a con, what we need is open minded people who want more of the cafe culture, quality pubs, and make the most of what we have got here fantastic country side and the jurassic coast.

Anonymous said...

Think events - Folk and Blues Festivals, Carnival, New Year celebrations, etc - these are all things that Swanage does really well especially because of our fantastic location. It all adds up to a feel good factor that encourages people to want to return to the town and therefore, if we want more visitors, needs to be extended and promoted still further. The Arts Trail sounds interesting, a beer/wine/cheese/food festival could be an idea that involves and benefits various outlets and how about an annual beach party to celebrate our new beach?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I despair at the attitude of Swanage business owners.

On my own, out of my benefit money, I have organised two blues festivals this year that brought over 1,000 people into the town each time.

How much money do you think these events generated in March and October? Let's not forget they were both out-of-season deliberately to generate money for the town.

You would think the Swanage Businesses that benefit hugely from these weekends would be rushing to donate money and help me, wouldn't you?

You would think they'd be encouraging me to put on even more weekends to bring more people into town out of season, wouldn't you?

Well, if you did, you'd be wrong.
I struggle to get even £12 donation from many businesses, even when I offer them an advert on the website.

I am most grateful to those businesses that do advertise of course. And for the donations from the LVA, Holiday Accommodation Association and Town Council, but they don’t even cover my stationery costs and phone bill.

So, you can go the fantasy route of bijou hotels, bookshops, art galleries, museums, and destination restaurants if you want to. As a realist, I would say that if they're not here now, they're not going to be.

But when you've got a moment in the real world, how about rallying around and helping me to continue to put on two successful blues festivals a year? Two festivals that actually DO generate additional income for the town when it’s most needed.

If you do that, I promise I will look at even more weekends and even more ways to bring business into Swanage. If you don’t… well, my benefit money will only go so far.

Please continue to put your ideas here, but if you can offer any practical assistance, contact me by phone 01929 422338, email
or you can send a letter c/o the Tourist Information Centre, Shore Road, Swanage BH19 1LB.

posted by Steve Darrington

Anonymous said...

Swanage sucks. Everything is so down market it is never going to attract affluent tourists or "open minded people". Presumably this is because local wage levels are low, and the Town's facilities reflect the local aspiration. Case in point, coming up is the Christmas Fare in the Square. What an embarrassment. Do it properly or forget it.

Anonymous said...

why dont YOU do something then or are you to "up market" for us poor swanage folk.

Anonymous said...

soz I'm just the ideas man

Anonymous said...

"soz I'm just the ideas man"

So, please can you post some!

This thread is just a re-hash of many others.

Here's an original one - Harley riders luv coming to Swanage.

Harley's are a very expensive luxury items, bought by Accountants, Solicitors, Property Developers, and Fools - sorry, personal prejudices slipping in there!

They should be our target market. One slight problem - they only come out on sunny days!

Anonymous said...

For me they really really piss me off. They close Poole Quay for a start. Then they think they are above the law. They come into Swanage making a terrible noise. Then they park all over the pedestrian zones. Cars get stuck behind the massive police led convoy, and if you say anything against them they have a turn. Bikers no thanks. Or caravaner. Come by train and enjoy our vibrant and peaceful Town. They are probably estate agents not accountants anyway.

Anonymous said...

Estate Agents - yeah.

Vibrant - Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity.

And Peaceful!

If you've been out during the last month, then vibrant is a slight overstatement.

People like Steve D are resting. The rest of the businesses seem to have little idea. Today's market was actually quite good.

One thing that I always wonder about businesses - not just Swanages' - is that they always moan. Why don't they just shut up shop and work like the rest of us?