Thursday, April 19, 2007

Purbeck councillor

Hi y'all "A Purbeck councillor is facing allegations that he failed to disclose a personal interest about plans for a waste treatment plant at Winfrith and an access road near his home".

At last, Local News from the Echo, no mention of the sad crash at or near Corfe.

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link please

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An interesting dilemma. The councillor lives close to the site proposed for a waste treatment plant. Thats where all those chip packets blowing around the streets of Swanage will end up if its built.

Should he keep out of discussing it because he has an interest in it or should he keep to his election promises of campaigning against it?

You might argue that he should have had more sense than stand as a candidate in an election where there was an issue about which he could be accused of having a personal interest. That is very much the road to perdition in local politics as we all know.

I seem to recall he has been in controversy before. Anyone remember?

The Postman said...

While I am among the first to point our some of the daft things those old conservatives get up to... in this case, it goes to show how daft it is that councillors can't be involved in things they know about. Go to any council meeting and you'll see people going on about subjects where they know little or nothing, but then you'll find councillors have to leave the room because they 'live nearby' or 'they know the person involved'. How can anyone not live in a community like ours and not know people. Surely it should be enough if you simply state your position? As Mr Shakesby points out, his house has been near to an experimental nuclear plant for 25 years. A: a new road is not going to make a big difference compared to that and B: he knows the area and was elected to represent the people of his area. Give him a break.

Anonymous said...

And probably de-value his house.
I think he should have declared.

The Postman said...

Perhaps I hadn't studied the report carefully enough. I certainly agree he should have declared his interest, but should have been allowed to discuss the matter, if not to vote on it.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this councillor simply got caught in the cross fire between county, who want the plant, and district, who dont?

Anonymous said...

The first compaint: "The board has now ruled there is no evidence the councillor acted improperly."

End of that story, surely?

The new one.

"to declare one's private interest in advance of any conflict arising. In this case, a declaration of interests is usually made to a register of interests."

To me, that seems to be the main issue here.

Anyone know if he has?

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd look at this from the other point of view.


They own the land, and say:

"A key objective is to bring forward sustainable development that minimises impact on the environment but at the same time creates communities where people will enjoy living and working."

PDC say:

"Option B was to radiologically cleanse the northern part of the site occupied by hardstandings and buildings but keep it as potential employment land."

They went with 76% of the locals who supported Option A.

I wont bother posting that!


Anonymous said...

Typical: they call for more social housing and light industrial space then decide to turn a nuclear power station back into field???

Anonymous said...

Vote on May the 3rd

Anonymous said...

After being cleared, he said,

"How much must this have cost Purbeck District Council in officer time?

"I've had almost six months of this hanging over my head but I haven't finished with this yet. I am now taking legal advice on an appeal, as well as other issues."

I wonder if that will end up costing PDC?

Anonymous said...

So if I want social housing not a field on the site who should i vote for?

Anonymous said...

Well, the idea of social housing on that site seems something that should be explored and not dismissed out of hand. I would certainly support that.(Obviously have to be sure there's no contamination of the site). So if you live in the 'south ward' of swanage you can vote for me (Mike Hadley) as your District Councillor at PDC! If you live in the north ward vote for Anita Chennell.

Anonymous said...

blatant vote chasing again then mike!

Anonymous said...

or a simple answer to a straight question!

Anonymous said...

One of the things that worries me here is that about 3/4 of the local Parish were against any development.
It seems that PDC have supported the views of that local Parish. PDC represent many Parishes, is it normal to support one, consulted, Parish, without consulting the rest of us?
Or, was there consultation, and I missed it?