Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canoe/Kayak Club?

I would be interested in joining or setting up a Swanage Canoe/Kayak Club, for two main reasons. Firstly, canoeing is more safely done (perhaps should only be done) in company; and secondly, with the state of my knees, it seems an ejoyable way of getting some exercise.
Several questions arise:
1. Is there such a club already?
2. Is there any support for such a club?
3. Has it been tried before? If it has, and it failed, what were the reasons for its failure?
4. Would the Town Council provide some secure storage space for the canoes, perhaps by erecting a cage in one or two of the spaces in the boat yard?
5. Are there any qualified canoeists out there who would be interested in providing training?
6. I'm aiming at people aged 16 to 100 - so no excuses!
7. Any other comments?

Posted by SK to swanage view at 3:16 PM


Anonymous said...

I think the nearest kayak/canoe club is over poole so there maybe a market for one here.

I am not sure about storage as they take up a lot of space ! I have 4 in the garden and they do need to be under cover otherwise the plastic seems to go brittle over time.

Anonymous said...

STC wont help as they are all ready up the creek with out a paddle !

Anonymous said...

With all this nice weather, a kayak maybe the best way to get around at the moment

Lorna W said...

I realise that this is quite an old post that I am commenting on but I was wondering if there was any outcome of a canoe/kayak club in Swanage?
I live in Swanage and both me and my boyfriend enjoy kayaking and this is the sort of thing we are looking to get into. I'm a bit of a novis but my boyfriend has done this before and has alot more experience than me!
Any info would be greatly appreciated.