Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Business ad opportunity


We've just had the Jazz Festival and I know you're very busy anyway this time of year, but don't forget that my Swanage Blues Festivals are at the beginning of March and October to increase business in the town at the quiet times.

Would you like to give out some business card size flyers advertising the October and the March Blues Festivals? They're only 3½ x 2 inches small and are going down a treat! People are putting them away in their purses or wallets to pass on to other people as well.

How about an A4 festival poster for your window and/or notice board? It's only 11¾ x 8¼ inches and very pretty too, based around a lovely photo of Swanage Bay.

Have you taken out a £12 advert on the website yet? Only £12 for a year and you'll be helping to extend the festival season in Swanage from March to October!

Best Wishes,
Steve Darrington
PS You can always call me for a chat or further info on 01929 422338


Anonymous said...

I should make it clear that the business card sized flyers advertise the Swanage Festivals!

The idea is for Swanage businesses to give them out to tourists.

The posters also advertise the festivals and will help to bring more people into town when we need it most!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Considering the huge number of people that attended the last blues festival in March, you'd think businesses would be rushing to help.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i have a gut reaction that the jazz festival is a much smaller event than when it first started. The parade seems much less well attended, and there seems little marketing going on? Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

The Jazz Festival sells out all the tickets, so the marketing must be correct, surely? No need to spend more on marketing to sell tickets you haven't got!
There might well have been less jazz fans in the town, because the Kings Bar venue was replaced by the marquee on King George's playing fields. There used to be a trail of people from Sandpit Fields marquees via the Mowlem community room and the Kings Bar to the Conservative Club.
Less people in the parade? Maybe there were more on walking sticks that couldn't cope!