Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Festival?

Thanks to everybody who's asked about the new Local Food and World Music Festival proposed for June 2009, and the new website Swanage Life that will be supporting it.

Plans for both festival and website are temporarily on hold while I raise funds for the existing blues festivals in March and October.

Since each existing blues festival brings £136,000 extra business into town - twice a year and out-of-season - I feel I should work on the survival of these festivals at the moment, rather than embark on new projects.

Posted by Steve Darrington to swanageview at 12:44 PM

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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify a point.
£136,000 is the amount of extra business that each festival generates for Swanage out-of-season(estimate courtesy of the chairman of the Holiday Accommodation Association).

Whatever the actual amount in money (and it's probably a lot more), 1,500 blues fans coming to Swanage for a weekend does the town a lot of financial good. The October 2008 festival will be the 10th one I've organised, and that adds up to a lot of extra revenue for Swanage out-of-season.

To ensure the festivals continue in Swanage, what I need is to get the festivals on a stable footing by raising £2,500 per festival from local businesses. That's not a lot compared with the amount of money each festival generates.

Sadly, advertising and donations from local sources are far below that amount at the moment.

If anybody can help or can suggest anything, please get in touch by emailing me at
or c/o Tourist Information Centre on Shore Road. Thank you.