Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Cutting Household Bills"

Does anybody have any comments on the best and cheapest Broadband providers in Swanage?

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The Postman said...

You need to check one of the comparison sites )try googling 'which broadband)to see what best suits your needs. But I've just switched to Tiscali.. about £28 per month including unlimited broadband download, unlimited anytime UK phone calls and no BT line rental (saving £10 month)
Mike Hadley

Anonymous said...

My comment on this did not follow the original posting so here it is again, with typos corrected (I hope)

"Best" and "cheapest" ISPs are an oxymoronic combination. Take a look at the website ispreview. They have top ten based on users reviews. Most of the top ten are small companies. Out of them O2 is the only large cheap operator but you need to be somewhere where they provide landlines to get the low rate as well as having a phone and internet package. The only local loop unbundling firm to have got here so far is Taltalk who offer AOL broadband which they took over.

Look at the small print and work out what you are actually getting. The cheap ones are very often very restricted but may be ok if you are a light user. Beware of bandwith throttling if you downloa a lot of stuff. The ISPs are moving towards a model in which the connection is cheap and they make their money selling you other things like downloads, An example is BT vision which gives you Freeview TV (which you can get anyway for free) and charges you for downloaded films and on demand content as we ll as a monthly fee.

Remember that support varies enormously ranging from small ISPs have only one or two people who you get on first name terms with at one end and call centres where they work through a standard script at the other.

Anonymous said...

Sky do a package of sat tv, broadband and evening and weekend phone calls for £17. Their rating on ISP Review is reasonable. Has anyone tried them?