Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoreline Management Plan

The link above will take you to a detailed study of the Shoreline Management Plan, which outlines the proposed strategy for dealing with the effects of erosion and climate change on Swanage.

The SMP sets out the policy for managing our coastline and how we respond to the threat of coastal flooding and the risks of erosion.  It is a high level non-statutory policy document that aims to balance those risks with natural processes and the consequences of climate change.  It needs to take account of existing defences and the natural and built environments, and be compatible with adjacent coastal areas.

Try copying and pasting this link to download the relevant section for Swanage:


Anonymous said...

Link please, Postman!

Anonymous said...

Whoops - found it.

For others, the link is the heading...

Anonymous said...

The sea always wins.

As anyone in North Norfolk.