Saturday, February 19, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Swanage Pier Trust are delighted to announce their newly re-designed website. Travel back in time and discover the history of the pier, take a tour of the facilities and activities available, learn interesting facts, and find out how you can help secure the future of this unique seaside structure by becoming a pier volunteer . The website will be updated regularly with news and photographs and will keep visitors up to date of special events and our Emergency Repair Appeal.
You can also download sponsor-a-plank forms and watch the live underwater webcam footage during the summer months.
Marketing and PR Volunteer
On Behalf of Swanage Pier Trust

Anonymous said...



Has anyone seen Jesse John Jones? He was last seen near Swanage Kebab shop after a night out at 01.35am Sunday morning. If anyone has any information please call the police on 01202 222222. Copy and Paste this to help the search!

Find a picture on the above link.

Anonymous said...

Allotments Still no progress
Why is it that Swanage Town Council are able to purchase and fund a planning application for a piece of agricultural land to extend the Godlingston cemetery, when they find it impossible to find a bit of land to meet the demand for allotments? (6/2011/0002)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything about what has happened to the seven million plus pounds that STC received from Darwin to purchase the lease of the muni? I am interested because it was an important town asset and rumours have floated around that not all the money has been received. I thought STC was meant to strive for transparency? I have scoured all financial reports and cannot see where it has wound up, been invested or spent. Perhaps I have missed something. Do I need to file a FOI request to find out where our family silver ended up? I would have thought STC would tell us rather than hide what has happened. It makes for better government.

Anonymous said...

Thatch Restaurant on the Quay.

I cannot believe the planning authority. They have been harassing the owners of this site for what? three years now to take down the thatch because they don’t like it, so now I hear they passed an application for a modern canopy even bigger than the existing thatch WITH A FIRST FLOOR EXTENSION! Hope it doesn’t turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory for the applicant. I’d like to know the reaction of other caterers in the Town if they were obliged to knock down their existing premises and rebuild with a fancy roof terrace for the use of the few old people who still bother to come to the seaside.
The person who posts regularly on here saying individuals should all be in awe of planning officers, do exactly what they say, and roll over and be quiet if applications are initially refused -please take note.

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