Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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Anonymous said...

does this work?

Anonymous said...


Sally Maltby said...

Community Centre at the ex Sea Salt resaurant at the Mowlem?
We have sent a proposal to the Town Council that they take over the lease of the present Sea Salt premises to form a Community Centre.
We are looking for support for this idea and would like people to write in to the Town Council before they debate the matter on 21st March.
If you would like more details please contact me.

Sally Maltby said...

contact details sallymaltby@googlemail.com

Anonymous said...

Sally, can you give us some more information. It is an interesting idea but we need some facts to communicate to the council. What unmet needs have you found? How would this differ from the Youth and Community Centre in the High Street? The rent is £600 a week I believe, plus staffing costs. What income generating activities/uses are planned to cover this and what prevents them being conducted elsewhere at less expense?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when/if Swanage has the Red Arrows for the Carnival ? There is no date on either the Carnival or the Red Arrows site.


Julian said...

The second Swanage Comedy Festival kicks off on Thursday 24th with a Comedy Quiz at the White Swan..a riotous Open Mic Night at the Royal Bristish Legion on Friday and the MAIN EVENT on Saturday 26th with a fantastic line up of 3 top class comedians plus a compere and one of the winning acts from the Open Mic night. Venues are Bay View Caravan Park (SOLD OUT)The Royal British Legion (NEARLY SOLD OUT) and the Football Club - Tickets available from the TIC Shore Road and the Venue and on-line at www.swanagecomedy.com Don't miss out on what should be a great night

Anonymous said...

Doctors surgery and appts:

Has anyone else had problems getting an appt: ie without being phoned or fobbed off, asked by the non qualified receptionist whats wrong with you etc etc?

Jive Aces for Swanage? said...

Jive Aces for Swanage?

"Anybody interested in me getting The Jive Aces to come to Swanage?"
says Steve Darrington.

If the link below doesn't work, click on the 'Jive Aces for Swanage?' link in blue underlined above.


Anonymous said...

Swanage Residents Association

I recall reading that the SRA was struggling to attract volunteers to help run it, and there was also some debate about the value of such an organisation. There might have been something in the Gazette (David Hollister perhaps); could even have been a previous post on here but I couldn't see it.

Does anyone know what the latest is? And why are people not supporting the SRA I wonder - seems a shame.

Anonymous said...

No posts in a week. Is Swanage asleep, or simply blissfully content?

Anonymous said...

3pm (ish) Wed 30th, returning to Swanage - 2 police cars and a white maria between Corfe and Swanage.

Police in the middle School, bottom of Bell St cordoned off, Police seeming to be going into a house.

Anybody know what was going on?

Anonymous said...

A shy Mick Storer?

About to be on TV!


Anonymous said...

A remarkable new scheme may bring in huge numbers of extra tourists to Swanage.

An American evangalist organisation wants to build a theme park close to Swanage based on the biblical book of
Revelation. It will have rides showing some of the prophecies, for example a plague of locusts, the death of a third of the world's population, the sea turned to blood, satan cast into a lake of fire and of course his imprisonment in a bottomless pit.

The organisation behind this say that they have studied the biblical text and a huge number of interpretative
publications with the utmost care and as a result of recent research have found in Revelation a number of clues pointing to Swanage as being the location of the beginning of the end of the world. Remarkably this is a rediscovery. It seems that Dorset four hundred years ago was the most puritanical part of the country and a huge number of popular pamphlets based on Revelation were published many of which "decoded" prophesy and found geagraphical references to places in Dorset. After the restoration in 1660, when the government frowned on this sort of thing, many of the believers emigrated to North America. The tradition of locating the events in Revelation in familiar surroundings became meaningless as generations passed and the pamplets forgotten. It was only in recent years that scholars researching popular believe in the New England colonies have appreciated their significance.

Modern churches in the US regard this as a unique opportunity to bring this rather neglected part of the Bible to
life in a way which is relevant to the modern age and to do so in a location sanctified by prophesy. It is understood that a planning application will be made shortly.

Reece de Ville said...

The success of the Swanage Cpmedy Festival

Congratulations to Dave Taylor and the venues involved for the fantastic comedy festival. Great to see to going forms strength to strength.

Top quality acts and a really enthusiastic audience suggests a great future. Let's get behind more events like this out of season.

Anonymous said...

Bargain Craft-Stalls Available on Swanage Pier

For the first time, in 2011, we are delighted to offer local craftsmen and women the opportunity to rent a pitch on which to display and retail their goods.
The pitches are priced at £20 per day and with 130,000 visitors each year Swanage Pier offers a fabulous opportunity for local exposure and chance to reach prospective customers living, working and holidaying in the area.
If you would like a copy of our booking form and conditions please email admin@swanagepiertrust.com or contact us if you would like to arrange a visit before you make your mind up.

Available space is limited so numbers will be controlled and pitches sold on a 'first come first served basis'.

All money collected in rental will go towards the pier restoration appeal.

Register Domain In India said...

SWANAGEVIEW located on mowlem. we are awaiting for this festival. last year we are participate for this functions. three days we are really enjoy each and every places. so i am awaiting for this festival.