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Sewage alerts for Swanage

[This is the Wessex Water link, to check if there's been 'a spill':]
You can sign up for text alerts from Surfers against Sewage here:
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Taken from the Surfers Against Sewage website. Did not know Wessex water were part of this campaign.


At the start of the bathing season, May the 15th, we’re proud to be launching a new real time sewage warning system that will tell you exactly when sewage is being discharged into the sea at key locations around the UK. We have developed an online map that will automatically update you in real-time with information on combined sewer overflow (CSO) spills at surf spots. You’ll even be able to sign up for free text messages alerting you to sewage spills at some of our nation’s best beaches. This will give you the real-time water quality information to help protect yourself, your family and friends from any potential health risks associated with exposure to raw sewage.

SAS has been exposing sewers discharging raw sewage onto the UK’s coastline for years. In recent times, SAS has elevated this issue to the front pages of national newspapers, onto prime time national current affairs TV programmes and highlighted it to Government ministers.

True to SAS’s campaign ethos, we’ve always highlighted the problem whilst consistently promoting the solutions. The real-time CSO warning system is just that, part of the solution, giving you reasonable and adequate information, allowing you to make a more informed decision to avoid any short-term pollution incidents arising from the CSO’s that impact on your favourite beaches, bathing waters or surf spots.

We have targeted the water industry tirelessly on this issue, persuading them of the importance of sharing sewage discharge information in real time. This year, there will be between 40 and 60 beaches, represented by 4 water companies, participating in the scheme, and by 2015, we aim to have all of our important, affected beaches around the UK signed up. We’d like to thank South West Water, Southern Water, Welsh Water and Wessex Water for sharing this information on a voluntary basis and for their commitment to the project. We are looking to expand around the entire UK so watch this space and, in the meantime, check out the map at

Andy Cummins, SAS Campaign Director says: “This is great news for beach users. Finally we are being told about sewage discharges as they happen, allowing us to make informed decisions about how and when we use the sea.”

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Anonymous said...

Quite right too! But is Swanage immune? Of course not, the CSO's are discretely hidden well up stream, theres even one in the grounds of the middle school!

But what about the fantastic sewage treatment plant we have? Its is indeed fantastic! But not when excessive rain dleuges the system, causing the overflows to breach the CSO's! Thats when everything goes wrong.

Swanage is not immune! Blue flag or not....

David Furmage said...

Also aswell , there has been stories during the winter months of sewage plants shutting of their uv treatment off to save money during the economical crisis. So basically raw sewage is been pumped out.

Anonymous said...

Wessex Water is obliged by regulations to issue public announcements of issues pertaining to water quality. This organisation is doing WW a favour by passing the alerts on - not the other way around.

David Furmage said...

I remember writing in many letters around the early 90's about the need for our sewage plant and I can remember Surfers Against Sewage coming down to help this cause.

I have been a member for over 20 years and seen this group do so many good things to make people feel safe when stepping into the sea or benign on the beach. I urge anyone who does any sports on the beach or in the sea to join this amazing group. ;)

David Furmage said...

Got an alert from them today to mention sewage had been coming out. Should be all ok in 12 hours.