Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coastal change exhibition Thursday 30 June/Sat 2nd July

Jurassic Coastal Change Exhibitions - Find out more about adapting to coastal erosion

The Jurassic Coastal Change Pathfinder Team are inviting residents and visitors to the Jurassic Coast to a series of exhibitions in June and July to find out more about how coastal erosion may affect them and the area in the future. The exhibitions will highlight the causes of coastal change, and show what the coast may look like in 20, 50 and 100 years time using specially commissioned, computer-generated images. They will also present some of the ideas that communities themselves have come up with to adapt to change, following workshops along the Jurassic Coast as part of the project.

The exhibition dates, times and venues are:

Swanage: Thursday 30 June and Saturday 2 July at the Mowlem Theatre Community Room, Swanage, BH19 1DD
Exhibition: 10am-9pm (Thur) and 10am-7pm (Sat)
Presentations at 1pm and 7pm (Thur) and 3pm (Sat)


Anonymous said...

I can sum it up and it won't cost a penny (I grew up on the North Norfolk coast near Happisburgh):

'The sea ALWAYS wins'.

If your home/property lies near sea level, you or your descendents WILL lose it eventually.

'Sandbanks plc' is built on sand....and within the reach of the sea level. It will go.

Anonymous said...

That's an encouraging comment for the people of Holland

David Furmage said...

Are you referring to the region of the Netherlands?

Anonymous said...

No. North Norfolk.