Sunday, July 31, 2011

Joe's Cafe

Studland beach cafe and shop fire 'deliberate'

A fire in a wooden beach cafe and shop in Dorset is being treated by police as suspicious.

Firefighters were called to Joe's Cafe kiosk on South Beach, Studland, just before 09:30 BST.

The crews from Swanage quickly extinguished the blaze. A fire and service spokeswoman said the damage was "severe" to the contents of the kiosk.

She said the fire was being investigated by Dorset Police who also attended the scene.


The Postman said...

What a shame. Wonderful place. Hope they get b******s

Anonymous said...

Insurance job. Move on. Plod won't solve this.

Anonymous said...

funny how a coward posting a libelous comment does so anonymously.

If you truley believe what you say, I suggest you produce some evidence and put your name to it.


Anonymous said...

Not a moron. Actually correct.

'Insurance job' means the insurance will sort it. It does not imply an inside job.

What percent of crimes get nothing more than an insurance report number from plod? 90%??

Coward? Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Actually the term insurance job does imply something dodgy going on.

And you know it.

Stop back-tracking.

David Vincent said...

Thoughtful, constructive comments add depth to the community dialogue: Unfortunately, online comments are dominated by ignorant retorts, name-calling and the superfluous. Much of it is nonsense or simply just mean, adding nothing to the conversation but some smug satisfaction for someone hiding being a screen name.