Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sea-water quality

Wessex Water’s bathing water quality tool has been launched providing real-time information about the quality and cleanliness of the 348 miles (560km) of coastline in the region. It will allow people to check beaches in Dorset, Somerset and North Somerset. During the past year Wessex Water have invested in telemetry equipment that notifies them when an emergency overflow has operated.  Find out more about the tool at:

Swanage beach


David Furmage said...

This is something Surfers Against Sewage have done for the last year or so. And you get the alert via a txt to your phone. Will be a surprise to see how many txt's we get this year covering Swanage.

David Furmage said...

Well so far since the rain I have had 8 txt alerts about Swanage beach