Saturday, September 01, 2012

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Anonymous said...

Is it really fair that if you build a house in your back garden in Swanage you will have to make an infrastucture contribution of £18,000 (or more) but if you live in Wareham you only pay £10,000?

David Furmage said...

Similar thing , I have a friend who runs a solar panel company who installs panels all over Dorset , never has any problems with putting them on roofs for councils which is good as it's promoting the green issue. But when it comes to putting them on roofs in Swanage , he's says it's a nightmare and to be honest he would rather not install them in Swanage full stop. Why is this?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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The Postman said...

I'm pretty angry about the posts I've just deleted above. It's totally unacceptable to put up a post purporting to come from someone who has not posted and did not, nor would not, post such comments. Whoever this was, please do not do this again. Such misrepresentation, apart from being morally wrong, really does stray into areas where legal action might be taken. Mike Hadley

Anonymous said...

Hurray, the pot holes around us have been filled in, at last, but we had a letter from Southern Gas several weeks ago giving notice to expect disruption for about 5 weeks from November while they re-lay the gas main. A couple of weeks ago Southern Electric advised us that power would be off on the 3rd October while they lay new electric services.
Don’t they talk to each other?

Swanage Area Senior Forum said...


Everyone is invited to join Swanage Area Senior Forum for an advance preview of its future.

Raina Summerson of Agincare unveils an exciting visual presentation of how the centre will provide a home for our vulnerable elderly and become an integral part of our community.


All are welcome, and refreshments will be available.

Anonymous said...

Flag Poles on East Bar/Pier View flats.

Does anyone know how long the flag poles on the roof at the High Street end of the flats over the East Bar have been in place or whether they ever had planning permission. The ones across the road at G Whites had to be removed as they lacked PP.