Monday, May 13, 2013

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Nickthefish said...

Prospect Allotments

Water turned off by the council. Just when it is needed. Why?

Nickthefish said...

This problem seems to arise every June... (except last year of course!)

Steve Darrington said...

Let's hope the weather stays fine for this!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see this blog thriving with comments.

Anonymous said...

is anyone else fed up with DVD's that don't play, skip or freeze?
Why cant you buy/rent films on USB Flash sticks?

RobO said...

I notice in the Echo Letters complaints regarding the flying of flags. I understood that Planning Approval is required to erect a flag pole, and fly a flag.

One has gone up in Peveril which is about 10 metres off the ground and is left flying for weeks day and night when the owners return to London.

Anonymous said...

Excluded from the local government's control since the 1992 regulations are "A national flag of any country. Any national flag may be flown on a single vertical flagstaff, so long as it does not have anything added to the design of the flag or any advertising material added to the flagstaff."

Coda Music Centre said...

CODA Music Trust brings folk tuition to Swanage

Swanage Folk Festival Workshops – Bodhran, Guitar and Fiddle

Sunday 8th September 2013
1.30pm – 5.00pm
PRICE - £15

Folk Orc and the Coda Music Trust bring expert folk tuition for all abilities to the Swanage Folk Festival.

Coda Music Centre’s key folk tutors (Chris Hopgood – Guitar, Stephen Kenyon – Bodhran and Lucy Ridley-Martin – Fiddle) bring their professional music tuition knowledge to the Swanage Folk Festival on Sunday 8th September 2013.

They offer a strong background for providing all kinds of students with the skills to ably play their instrument of choice. All tutors are confortable to deliver high quality lessons to able children and adults as well as clients with learning, behavioural and old age disabilities. They provide the perfectly crafted tuition tailored to individual needs.

The afternoon of Sunday 8th September at the Swanage Methodist Church will allow avid folk fans and newcomers alike the opportunity to learn how to play the music they love in group collaboration. The best way to learn new musical skills is in a relaxed group setting, so this opportunity during the Swanage Folk Festival is the perfect occasion for people of all abilities to expand their musical ability through the use of folk.

Sessions within the workshops must be booked in advance which can be done by contacting the Coda Music Centre on 01425 276 161 or email

Instrument sessions available – Ability

Fiddle: Songs played within workshop will involve the third finger and the ability to learn by ear or read simple music will be necessary. Moderate fiddle skill will be required and music will be sent out to players before workshop to allow familiarity.

Guitar: Players will be required to be comfortable with most major and minor chords.

Bodhran: Absolute beginners welcome and Bodhrans will be available at the workshop for use if stated when originally booked.

Simon Kidner said...

Suggestion for Swanage: Many proposed initiatives for boosting local business cost money. How about selling Swanage as the `Dark Sky Capital' of the South Coast? All we need to do is to switch off the lights. We could even save money! Perhaps every Friday night could be Dark Night. Bournemouth creates quite a glow, but looking east, north and south it can be dark enough.

We already have the 14" telescope at Durlston, run by the Wessex Astronomy Society which runs welcoming and informative evenings every so often (next one, weather permiiting, is on 30th August). Let's enthuse people with a wonderful view of the heavens!

Simon Kidner said...

God - I hate cyclists!

Actually, cyclists, and walkers, could be really good news for Purbeck, but we need to make the roads safer for both groups. Driving to Studland or to Corfe, I am struck by how dangerous the roads are for both groups. I suggest that we set up a group to study the feasibility of creating some cycle/pedestrian lanes allowing safer access across Purbeck.

Anonymous said...

New recycle service for Dorset.

Where was the consultation for this?
Did they ask the people who actually make these collections what they thought?
Who produces 23 litres of food waste a week? Do we want to be to washing out all these containers? What if your neighbour in the flat next door doesn't? Would it be cheaper to provide all households with a sink fitted waste disposal unit? Why can't bottles and batteries go in the same recycling bin as the rest? How come they can now suddenly recycle plastic and cardboard? Do we still have to take the tops off plastic milk bottles? Why does all polystyrene have to go to landfill?