Tuesday, November 09, 2004

NEW SUBJECTS (archived dec 04)?

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Keith Roker said...

Do you have any views on the future of Swanage? As well as airing them through this blog you should get in touch with the Swanage Town Partnership. Meeting under the chairmanship of the mayor this brings together organisations and individuals to work towards a plan for the future of the town. You can find out more at the Townhall

Ian Lowson said...

Home Thoughts from Abroad
Heartfelt congratulations from an instant admirer and would-be contributor to your new website! This is exactly what Swanage has long needed - a breath of salt sea air to disperse the mists and obfuscations and stultifications that have long plagued our town.

Tremble you tyrants! Here is democracy indeed, relegating at once the special interests, the dourly entrenched, the overweening authorities and the bureaucratic blimp to outraged silence. How the irresponsible and corrupt will be trembling in their shoes as your great dynamo of information and enquiry boots up. Only keep it judicious and mildly humorous. Don't let it get into spite and recrimination. Just keep it controversial and positive.

cbam said...

What is going on now? Do we really need three bookies/beeting shops in Swanage? Couldn't we have encouraged something far more useful to Swanage as a whole to have taken the two empty commercial plots in the centre of the town. Is there anything we can do to stop any further rotting of the town's commercial aspect?

Anonymous said...

There's a rumour that the Council wants to close the Vista pool in the winter. Does anyone know more about this?

Anonymous said...

There's a rumour that the Council wants to close the Vista pool in the winter. Does anyone know more about this?

Keith Roker said...

Antisocial Behaviour Orders

Oscar Wilde made the remark "youth is too good to be wasted on the young." I wonder if the same applies to ASBOs whose application round here seems to be restricted to rude and licentious youth. A couple of cases elsewhere make me wonder whether a wider range of antisocial activities could be dealt with in this way.

A farmer was in the news this week when he was hauled off by the police after his pigs escaped for what looked like the zillionth time in breach of an ASBO (on the farmer, not the pigs, in case you wondered). In another case a few months ago Camden obtained ASBOs against two large music companies for covering parts of the borough with flyposters advertising records on the grounds that the posters made the place look run down and depressed. The pig farmer's case looks a bit medieval and will surely cost him a groat or three, if not a ducking in his own pig slurry.

What is antisocial in Swanage and district? I am not getting into the perennial dog mess question but there are a few other matters. Every summer parts of the town are covered in discarded takeaway food wrappings. There is no doubt that this gives a highly adverse appearance to much of the seafront and as far as the pier. Takeaway food businesses should be held responsible for the litter their customers create. They have chosen to run their businesses in a way which results in a deterioration in the appearance of the area close to their premises. No doubt they would all claim that what happens to packaging after it leaves the premises is nothing to do with them is nothing to do with them. This is not acceptable. The line "am I my brothers keeper?" received its rebuttal quite some time ago.

All of us who do business in the town are responsible for running our businesses in a way which does not damage the place. Refusing to accept this is antisocial behaviour and should be so treated.

Secondly the matter of campervans parking on the ferry road is causing concern. I am all in favour of anyone being able to get a cheap holiday but there is a substantial fire risk from having so many so close together. Imagine the consequences if there was a heath fire there and a few camping gas cylinders exploded. Its our firefighters and other emergency workers who would be over there first and at risk and it doesn't seem right to expose them to this un-needed hazard. The ferry company own the verge and if they permit the situation to continue its hard to see how they could escape liability if there was a disaster. Cynics may claim that they are tolerating a mess in the hope that they will be permitted to put their parking meters back into use on the ferry road. If so that sounds like antisocial behaviour to me.

That might lead us into a discussion of highly visible old buildings being allowed to deteriorate in the hope that this will pressurise the planning authority into permitting redevelopment. Theres a thought.

Anonymous said...

PDC vision?

The Audit Commission's performance review of pdc says they have a
mission statement but absolutely no plans for how they will achieve it or
priorities for the order of doing things. That was 6 months ago. This total lack of vision came over very strongly all the time Swanage Ahead was active. It is ironic that the town partnership has been told to do yet another visioning exercise when our politicians have none. Where is pdc's vision for the future and if they do not have one why don't they have one?

Anonymous said...

For 60 years, ever since the beach was cleared of debris after the war I have taken great pleasure in being able to walk along the beach.
When my children were small we were disconcerted to discover that the new groynes to the north of Ocean Bay were a barrier over which we had to scramble if we were agile enough.
Last year there was such delight when those groynes were breached to enable a survey and we surged through and made it to the foot of the chalk cliffs. We couldn’t believe it when those gaps were plugged.


The fascination of watching the surge of sand upon the beach and the pas des deux of the bulldozers.
The piles being driven into the sand.
We watched with baited breath to see what kind of groynes we were going to have.
Then joy of joys we realised that they were not going to tower over us, nor divide the beach like some Berlin wall.
We could skip and jump along the water, unimpeded.
We could sally forth towards the cliffs without obstruction.

Imagine my despair this month as those groynes have been girdled and braced.
The effort required to cross these monstrous hurdles is quite beyond me.

The simple pleasure of a walk along the beach has disappeared forever for the vast majority of Swanage residents who are too old or too young.

Is this latest addition to the groynes really necessary?

Anonymous said...

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