Thursday, October 23, 2008

Swanage Online Forum

Probably get accused of cross posting, but what the hey!

" forums had a lively debate going about SBVHP. But suddenly the forums have been removed.
A case of censorship"?

Sure is.


had its re-vamp I've steered clear of posting, cuz it usually ended in a scrap. But I've still been lurking!


Anonymous said...

Just a'pondering, but is posting only a bit of a New Subject a bit like censorship?

Anonymous said...

at least over there you can add a topic without the management having to vet all posts to make sure it meets their agenda

Anonymous said...

you have to admit this blog is crap!

Anonymous said...

The post about the holiday park is still there at

Please get your facts straight before posting comments about censorship!

Anonymous said...

My original post included that quote from here and my own observations about a spat in the Taxi fare debate. That spat disappeared with no expannation.

Because my whole post was edited - censored? - you're responding to half the info.

Anonymous said...

The taxi thread is still there at

Anonymous said...

The Thread is still there, but some of the posts have been removed.

Paul has made a post in the New Subject bit about this saying that his follow up post to 'the spat' never appeared.

"I would just like to say that the forum is moderated by 3 people, I'm just the most active. I never deleted any of the posts on there. All I seen to do is change someones maraton of bad spelling and piss poor grammar mistakes after complaints.
I would also like to point out that my figures were factually based (sorry if I can do maths), and my follow up post that never made the light of day showed even more details. What Mr Anonymous failed to read was that I wasn't in favour of either way of travel,I was just showing the numbers, which is far more than most people can even be arsed to do.
I also take offence with the term PPP, Pauls Play Pen, and I surgest if they Mr Anonymous has a problem with what happens on the forum then they should come to my place of work and try to put there point across.

By the way Paul, don't criticise others spelling and grammar!

Anonymous said...

Mr anonymouse

The spelling and grammer was done in jest! lamo !

Plus at least I have the balls to put my name next to my comments!


Anonymous said...

I use the ! to show I'm being humorous.

Do you you? ignoramus!

Archduke Hepplethaite the third.

Happy now, lamo!

Anonymous said...

An anonymous comment is pretty much worthless in my book...

So hey-ho ! life goes on.

I'm sure this whole exercise is to bring life to this dying blog.
So post what you want, as I won't be stopping by again.

blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

looks like the swanage forum is going! glad to see they have finally given up on it.