Monday, July 12, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Swanage Town Council Website

Is there a reason why STC's website has not updated its Agenda and Minutes of Meetings for several months now (in one case, committee meeting minutes were last updated in February!)? Is there not a performance target STC subscribes to about disseminating this information in a timely manner? Or has this policy fallen by the wayside in the interregnum between Town Clerks?

I think the public have a right to access, and the Council a duty to publish, this information. Not everyone is able to walk to the Town Hall to ask for minutes.

Could a member of STC please comment? If there is a legitimate reason, perhaps a notice on the website informing the public how this information can be accessed would be useful. Perhaps this omission has not been noticed at the Town Hall.

David Furmage said...

New post please ;)


Dont worry..........

.You won't be roped into helping.
.Very short informal meeting.
.Everyone welcome - children , dogs, etc

Wednesday 21st July from 7pm
Herston Hall.

Anonymous said...

Dorset County Council cuts: Secret report reveals £30m target

So is DCC finally admitting that they do not have the funding to go ahead with some of their original plans ?

Anonymous said...


Who is asking for these health services to be resited and merged. Is it true that both these services could be threatened with closure in the near future if they do not merge and share resources ie save costs. If this is true then please could we have a statement from the hospital and the health centre that they are proposing/agreeing with their services to be relocated. If people could have the facts and details about the Core Strategy then perhaps people would be happy to make a compromise. How is Swanage able to make an informed decision without knowing all the facts.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Swanage Town Council to give response to Planning Consultation to Purbeck District Council tonight at Swanage Town Hall 7pm.

Members of the public have fifteen minutes at the beginning of the meeting to have their say.

Anonymous said...


Please can we get away from a very 'small minority' view that - quote 'I would not like affordable housing next to me, as it would devalue my property'. (I will not embarrass the person or their partner by printing their name here). This comment was both upsetting and shocking.

We DO NEED affordable rented housing as the local average income does not enable those working locally to get on the housing ladder. The house prices in this area are artificially inflated by the incomes of those living outside of this area of Purbeck. If nothing is done to either bring house prices back to some normality, reflecting local incomes then the outcome will eventually be that Swanage and surrounding villages will become retirement/second home retreats.

It seems madness that there is a policy that enables affordable housing to be able to be built on our green fields (because there is such a need) but we are told that it is impossible to do anything about developing a second home council tax policy that disuades people from investing in this way. At the very least the council tax for second homes should be increased (not, as stands,a 10% discount) This extra funding could then be reinvested locally in Purbeck, to build affordable rented housing.

Please do not destoy our Green Fields before there is a second home council tax policy in place.

swanage local said...

Subject: Another local website

Found today when looking for some local info, all the links are broken at the moment but it seems the site is made by West Country Online Limited at and not a Purbeck company.

David Furmage said...

New post please.

Strange Lights above Swanage on the 8th August.

Right , I know I was not the only one who watched for 30 minutes a helicopter follow and hover above glowing lights out towards the Durlston area. Around 10pm onwards.

Now they could not have been these lanterns as there was a slight westerly breeze so they would have gone towards the sea. They appeared to fly in the same flight path coming inland. At one point one stopped while the others flew under the helicopter. Then the search light shone on them from the helicopter then these lights all disappeared. A few of us watched it from the back of the Ship Inn at Langton. And I received phone calls while watching them from other people who were watching the from other parts of Swanage that evening.

Also a glowing light was seen hovering Corfe about 30 minutes after the one in Swanage , with the helicopter hovering above this one too.

So can anyone explain?