Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Annual Parish meeting Thursday 12 April


The Postman said...

Anyone go to this? What happened?

Paul Angel said...

There were about 20 people there - would have been nice to see more, but it's difficult to get people along it seems.

The Mayor updated us on what the Town Council had been doing in addition to its everyday business (a huge amount, it seems). Then we had presentations from the Swanage Coastal Change Forum, which was fascinating, from the Hospitality Association, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Swanage Area Senior Forum and the Swanage Sea Rowing Club. I also spoke about the new Swanage School. Apologies if I've missed anyone out!

There was nothing particularly controversial, the only item causing some concern being the apparent poor levels of service in shops in Swanage - can't say I've noticed that personally. I think we do better than many places I've shopped in elsewhere!

It is a shame more people don't go to this meeting, it's a really good way to remind ourselves about the great things that people do around town to help make Swanage even better!

Nickthefish said...

Thanks Paul, but it's a shame you are left to keep us informed. Perhaps a STC bulletin?