Friday, April 20, 2012

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Anonymous said...

at 2030 on Tuesday 17th April.

I was in our second bedroom when I looked through the window and saw a large black feline about 15 feet away with the body size of a Labrador dog, but with shorter legs, and a thick straight tail, round head and pointed ears. It spanned about two 18 inch paving slabs, when he saw me he did an about turn and cleared our six foot garden fence in one bound.


Anonymous said...


What improvements would you like to see in the Wilts and Dorset bus service from Swanage Station to Bournemouth Station?

Robin from Swanage said...


Damory Coaches will be running the Number 5 service from Swanage to Durlston every 30 minutes from 27th May to 30th September.Who will use the service and how will it effect visitors to Durlston?

Anonymous said...

The suggestion of moving the market to Station Road has been raised in a thread on here but it needs to be discussed in its own right. Is there any strong feeling for or against? Should the opportunity be taken to review the format of the market? Does it do anything for the town? Should it be more like Bridport market with a substantial proportion of antique and collectors stalls? How can it be made a tool to attract people with more money to spend to Swanage which it certainly does not do at the moment.

Anonymous said...


The section of Shore Road between the Mowlem and Victoria Avenue will be closed to traffic from 1 May to 30 Sept. Should it be closed all year? Should cyclists be allowed on it? Do we want parking meters on the seafront?

Nickthefish said...

2.41 we have already covered all these threads

Anonymous said...


I'm looking for three people to play in a short amateur exercise film(10 minutes) which I plan to realize in Swanage. I am searching for two women aged18-25 years old and one gentleman, also in similar age. It will be a simple story about doubt man who realise about value of love. When he loses hope, suddenly appears a girl who changes everything...
If you are a person who has a soul of artist, who likes a new challenge and has a belief in own possibilities this film experiment is exactly for you.
Write to my e-mail:
In message include the description of your details, interests/hobbies and two photographs- in whole face only and all figure.
Details and screenplay I'll send you from my e-mail.
I hope in Swanage exists a human who has dreams and film passions