Thursday, July 26, 2012


Actor and actresses wanted. See comments.


The Postman said...

I'm looking for three people to play in a short amateur exercise film(10 minutes) which I plan to realize in Swanage. I am searching for two women aged18-25 years old and one gentleman, also in similar age. It will be a simple story about doubt man who realise about value of love. When he loses hope, suddenly appears a girl who changes everything...
If you are a person who has a soul of artist, who likes a new challenge and has a belief in own possibilities this film experiment is exactly for you.
Write to my e-mail:
In message include the description of your details, interests/hobbies and two photographs- in whole face only and all figure.
Details and screenplay I'll send you from my e-mail.
I hope in Swanage exists a human who has dreams and film passions

Posted by Anonymous to swanageview at 26/7/12 5:55 PM

Anonymous said...

Strange. Take care. This smacks of a scam.

From Poland. Indeed. If you are interested, do due diligence first.

Mike - do you know this person? Can you vouch for him/her? If you posted this, you must know.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently penning a script for a tv programme featuring the end of the world, zombies and Swanage/Corfe Castle.

When I need extras I'll be in touch, Swanage is full of what often looks like the undead.

David Furmage said...

So it's a film about conspiracies then? Your not David icke by any chance?

Tom said...

Just because their Polish is doesn't mean their going to be a scammer!

Kamil said...

I'm very suprised that someone called me a scammer that even don't know me. After year I'm still want to realize film in Swanage. The previous film which I talked about year ago I made in Poland. You can look and asses:
Enjoy :)