Monday, August 06, 2012

Mobile phones

Blogger Robin from Swanage said...

Should mobile phone jammers be made legal in Swanage to prevent people from using mobile phones in public?
5/8/12 8:58 PM
Anonymous David Furmage said...
I have heard they are used in public places in Japan on the doors of restaurants . I reckon they also should be fitted by law to every car too.
5/8/12 11:33 PM


The Postman said...

This is a matter of national,not local, I'm inclined to remove this topic. so that we can focus on Swanage issues

Anonymous said...

Quite. Why phones should not be used in public places, i.e. the streets, is a mystery to me. How you would stop the jamming effecting those on private property, i.e. shops, pubs, restaurants, etc is something of a challenge to the technology.

Anonymous said...

0140 thru 0215 we were woken by the helicopter low level around Swanage Pier.
We were informed by Swanage Life Boat email that the inshore life boat had to turn out at circa 0130 to attend a young intoxicated woman who had jumped of the Pier, she had been recovered by two policemen in a dingy, but was taken by the inshore life boat to the RNLI Boat House thence by ambulance to Poole Hospital.

Not only were hundreds of residents woken, but the cost to the Council/Tax Payer was significant for a drunken stunt. She should be charged with disturbing the peace and fined a contribution to the cost, as should the Licensed premises who fed her the alcohol thereby 'aiding and abetting.
Sorry points to the Lower High Street again.


Anonymous said...

SORRY the above post has now been transferred to 'NEW SUBJECT'.

Anonymous said...

In the UK these units are illegal to use, but legal to own.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous comment.

Lets ban everything.

Anonymous said...

My comment about Robin a stick and wasps seems very relevant now!

Is this really a local isue???

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the stick and wasp comment, but if you COULD ban wasps in Swanage that would be wonderful (and a miracle)