Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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Posted by Ian Lowson 7/12/04 under New Subjects

Home Thoughts from Abroad

Heartfelt congratulations from an instant admirer and would-be contributor to your new website! This is exactly what Swanage has long needed - a breath of salt sea air to disperse the mists and obfuscations and stultifications that have long plagued our town.
Tremble you tyrants! Here is democracy indeed, relegating at once the special interests, the dourly entrenched, the overweening authorities and the bureaucratic blimp to outraged silence. How the irresponsible and corrupt will be trembling in their shoes as your great dynamo of information and enquiry boots up. Only keep it judicious and mildly humorous. Don't let it get into spite and recrimination. Just keep it controversial and positive.


The Postman said...

Is this layout any better, perhaps clearer, easier to read???

The Postman said...

I didn't. so changed it back again...