Saturday, February 04, 2006

Multi-function centre?

An exhibition about the proposed "multi-function centre" will be held from 15th (not 13th as previously advertised) to 18th of February at theTourist Info Centre on Swanage sea-front (open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm)


nick storer said...

I visited the exhibit, and the striking difference between what is proposed and what was shown before, was that the suggestion box had gone!
So I'll post here instead. Wherever it ends up, please ensure there is enough room for expansion to add swimming pool, squash courts etc in the future.

Anonymous said...

I could not see how the proposed new building/s would sit in the proposed site and relate to the existing buildings.

I suppose the space is designed to be flexible (all things to all people)but it would be interesting to see how the proposed usage relates to the research that was carried out to establish need.

Peter John Cooper said...

I've just been down to look at the plans. There isn't a lot to see but, then, you can't really expect that with no site chosen.

From the outlines described it looks as if it could be a reasonable mini sports centre but whether arts and cultural activities get a look in depends on two critical matters:

1) The programming policy. Will the management team have enough clout to exclude the five-a-side footballers in favour of a string quartet?

2)The fit out. Will there be enough budget to ensure proper acoustical treatments, lighting and seating to make spaces truly multi-functional?

One last point. Please make sure there is enough money in the budget to employ a proper architect who can design the sort of quality building that we lack so sorely in Swanage.

nick storer said...

Five aside football is a huge growth sport in the UK with private firms building five aside pitch ranches up and down the country. However, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra failed to get enough people on its free bus service to make it worthwhile, and I for one have come back on the ferry from a BSO concert hardly having recognised a Swanage face. We haven't got a decent public sports facility at all, unless of course you play bowls, but there are already plenty of places for bands to play, and people to exhibit hand thrown pots.

nick storer said...

If we are going to get some culture in Swanage lets do it to attract tourists. Maybe tent over the amphitheatre and have Shakespeare and opera during the summer, something like the Minack theatre. There will be copious ground floor space in the Pier Head redevelopment, ideal for local artists and artisans when it is completed.

Peter John Cooper said...

Thanks for the offer, Nick. Incidentally, I've nothing against five a side football, I've puffed up and down a pitch myself before now. The thing is that the building is being advertised as a multi-use facility and is asking for money from the Arts Council and, despite what you say, there is no other small scale facility in the town.

nick storer said...

This all sounds like a disastrous fudge to me. Use the money to put the sports facilities up at the Vista bar and revamp the Mowlem for the arts. The whole would then be symbiotic. Management, heating, marketing costs etc all shared.