Monday, March 27, 2006

New drinks license

I note the notice in the Advertiser, and on the premises, namely, One Quay House, 10 High Street, Swanage, for an application for yet another ‘sale of alcohol license’ both on and off the premises. Examination of the said premises they look too small to have a restaurant license, so they want to sell alcohol for STREET consumption up until midnight 7 days a week!

The 250 yards from Seymer Road along the Lower High Street already has at least a dozen licensed premises and is the seat of 95% of all anti social behaviour in Swanage.

With publicans acting responsibly to control under age or excessive consumption of alcohol the only purpose of such a licence must be to save the under-age drinkers nicking their fuel from their parents stock and having to carry it all the way to the Lower High Street.

In conclusion I note that the applicant who live as far away from the Lower High Street as is possible whilst still being in Swanage so why don’t they apply for a license in their part of town ?

Posted by Anonymous to swanage view at 3/26/2006 03:06:29 PM


Anonymous said...

A couple of comments
1/ The application provides an opportunity to make your formal objection to the appropriate authorities

2/ Of course, 'off sales' doesn't necessarily mean on-street consumption: someone might buy a bottle of wine to take home (just like in Jenkins across the road)

Anonymous said...

95% of anti-social behavior in the lower High Street? Judging by recent reports most of it seem to have been in the Town Hall and the Conservative Club!

Postman2 said...

This application is on behalf of the Wiggins boys, (Carlo and Angelo) who have the beach concession during the Summer. They are experienced in the licensed trade and I would urge people to support this application.