Monday, March 27, 2006

Where did it all go wrong?

Perhaps all local councillors should be required to live in the area for at least 10 years before the can stand, then perhaps LOCAL issues will be dealt with, rather than semi retired people coming here with their outsider views, after all Swanage coped very well 30 + years ago.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest the opposite, that only people who have lived outside this narrow inward looking Toytown should be allowed to stand for office. That way we would be spared all these oddities who think that everything should be done as it was half a century or more ago when their opinions were formed.

It may be news to many Swanage ostriches but its perfectly normal to move from one place to another. We need both breadth of experience and imagination in our councillors and stultifying here for decades is productive of neither.

The Duke of Wellington once remarked that railways were a bad thing because they encourage the common people to travel. Its strange to live in a town where there are still those around who regard this as a wise and perceptive comment.

Anonymous said...

What are these local issues? I can think of local examples of lots of national issues but not much that is unique to the parish. Please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

er ... like the things people talk about on this site?

Anonymous said...

I dont know where you came from anonymous? But I would venture to suggest that there are many local folk in Swanage, that have seen a damn sight more of this World than you have.

That it would seem, makes you the oddity. Since you are intent upon insulting us with your Toytown and ostrich comments, you should have at least had the courage of your convictions and signed your posting.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that the 143 and 150 bus leave daily if you dont like toytown please feel free to catch one and yes a lot of locals do feel resentment to some of the outsiders its because of some of these people that swanage is the 6th most expensive seaside town to live in try explaining that to my inward looking toytown resident children. if swanage is that bad why do people want to retire here, and have holiday homes, ethnic cleansing of dorset folk ?

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous.

For the record I have lived in Swanage for most of the last 60 years. I have been ostrich watching for most of that time and believe me they are not an endangered species here.

The place is infested with idiots who think that because they live at the end of a ten mile long cul-de-sac they can express the sort of bigotry that became unacceptable everywhere else a generation ago.

By the way when did "Dorset folk" become a seperate ethnic group? I know we have had centuries of inbreeding around here. Does that qualify?

Enid Blyton chose Swanage as Toytown. This is an aspect of our local cultural history that is somehow ignored and that just goes to show how right she was.

Anonymous said...

Its not a damn bit of good posting comment like this "ostrich anonymous" unless you put your name to your opinion.

If you have something to say: constructive or otherwise. Put your name to your opinions.
Brian Guy.

Anonymous said...

No one is saying that we "Swanage people" are any better than any one else my point is that the people who come into this area want to change the area to suit their view of how Swanage should be, its a wonderfull place but certain things need to be retained local housing local trades and local jobs. Dont treat the local people as idiotic country bumkins, they may have sightly different views and ideas but they are or were the heart of the comunity. I have seen hotels guest houses dissapear to make way for flats and expensive dwellings, to satisfy outsiders desire to live here, thats my point about cleansing the area of the locals,a play on words may be but still an element of truth. Perhaps someone could work out how "local" the councillors are. That would certainly make interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

Might be a question to put to the council via its website contact section..but I think quite a few have long connections with Swanage (though some don't of course!)

Anonymous said...

Change in Swanage is pretty much the same as change everywhere else. Just about every seaside resort in the temperate climate zone in both northern and southern hemispheres has had the same changes as the summer holiday market has moved on to sunnier climes. You have to look at it in a wide context.

Personally I don't feel much nostalgia for the days when we had large numbers of hotels. A lot of the smaller ones had started off as family houses anyway and they have now returned to this role. It was all pretty dog eat dog with the b&b proprieters boasting about how cheaply they could feed their guests and what uncomplaining fools they were. They generated no year round employment and stood empty all winter - just like the second homes really.

What changes do you think the current crop of incomers want to make? My experience is they want the place to stay like it was when they first saw it and they are the ones who come here to bury their heads on the beach. I was quite surprised that any "locals" saw themselves portrayed in this. It has more generally been the locals who have supported every unsuitable development. I have lost track of the number of loopy schemes which were touted as Swanage's last chance and found plenty of "local" backers.

Anonymous said...

Fair point about the B&B but there is still a market for quality hotels people tend to come away for numerous weekends rather than the old two weeks by the sea. theres many ways to look at the outsider syndrom has crime increased since more of the younger families have come into the area, are there more "complaints" from old people about the noise at night ie the kebab shop, 25/30 years ago the club and east bar were there and we all enjoyed it, the old days when the town shut for 6 months of the year were dire thats not what I want to happen but the true local families seem to be pushed out by high house prices lack of social housing allocated to them, and when the outsiders do come down very many of them DO NOT use local trades people. we all will have different views but please dont forget this area has been the home for many local families for generations, show respect and some understanding insults like toytown and ostrich dont help,after all if I said all scousers are criminals or all londoners are wide boys it would I'm sure offend many so it cuts both ways. I am very very proud to be a dorset person dont offend me by suggesting we all are idiots and narrow minded, after all you CHOSE to move here so perhaps a little slack migh help.

Anonymous said...

The housing situation is a scandal almost everywhere in the country. You might say it is worse here but there is precious little difference between a home being three times as much as you can afford and six times. It there is a solution it will have to be found nationally. It is something our MP is accutely aware off. Whether anything will be done I doubt, so long as we have governments wedded to the free market. Selling off council housing might have looked good 20 years ago, when we were being sold the lie "greed is good" but it will take another 20 years to sort out the consequences.

I can't say I frequent the lower High Street at 2 in the morning but earlier in the evening, even in August, it is far, far quieter than it was when we were young and sat in the Shades watching the hells angels chuck beer over each other. Its quite boringly decorous at 10pm. Its a while since the Yeovil bike boys came down to sort out the Swanage lads. Last time I saw them, in about 1975, they were reduced to piling into the back of an old Transit van as not many still had their driving licences.

The surviving hotels and b&bs do OK, possibly because they have realised they need to offer a quality product if they want to compete.

As for ostriches, well, the assorted retired colonials and ex-military types we had back in the '60s after they had been thrown out of newly independent countries thought they had returned to circa 1920 England. Perhaps they set the tone of the place. Well intentioned maybe but they had a frightful manner about them.

Anonymous said...

I dont agree about the housing being a national thing there are many places in this country where you can get a modest place for a fair amount and those places are nice places to live its the retirement, second home mentality thats here how can anyone justify nearly a 1/4 million for a ex council house, I was in the west country recently and while I chomped on a pasty looked in estate agents windows the prices were at least 30% lower and as for the shades mmmmmm good times ehh, the old colonial types prove my point not local but moved here anyway, now its all retired bankers and bussines people (the empire is gone)but they still bring the same odity about them, we know best after all we ran london and mixed with the best ! and as for our MP doing anything about it perhaps we could all get a loan from some Italian and buy a 500k home or promise someone a peerage just a thought on the hyporicys of his like

The Postman said...

As you may have noticed, I changed the heading of this post in line with the comments being posted...

Anonymous said...

The local housing issue can be dealt with if there's a will and political support. Planning apps for any new build development must include 50% affordable homes. Properly funded housing association to buy older homes for rent or part rent/ part buy. Covenants on sale of above for local conections. 200% council tax on empty/second homes.
Yes it needs national government action, but only if our voices are raised loud enough. And of course it will take years. Got to start somewhere though.
Duncan Reddell

Anonymous said...

Swanage is a wonderful place to live. Always has been. Though I fail to understand all the fuss about those that come here to live.

Surely they do it from choice. But to say that we need them here, is utter rubbish. Swanage is a delight, and it has some great local folk here.

Enjoy your good fortune in being able to live here.

But do not start telling us how we need outside people here to run our own town. That is sheer arrogance. We need that like a hole in the head.

Swanage pre-war was a far better place than it is now.
Brian Guy.

Anonymous said...

Well said Brian !

Anonymous said...

Who are "us", "we" and "our"? The overwhelming majority of Swanage residents were borne elsewhere. Like it or not so called "locals" are a small minority.

The real arrogance consists of saying that this minority knows better than anyone else what is good for the town. I dont care where someone comes from, if they have a good idea we should run with it and not throw it out because they are an "outsider".

A century ago Punch had a wonderful little cartoon of two rustics staring at someone in a suit with one saying "He's a stranger. Bung half a brick at him." Perhaps we should adopt this as the town motto.

Anonymous said...

Have a great big giggle on me folks!
Just because you are one of, and mix with the "Foreigners" that come here to live, don’t for a minute think that the local population is that small, it certainly is not.

You can easily tell them from the Aliens” we are much better looking! More intelligent, and with distinctively noble features.

This is the home of the old 43rd Wessex Infantry Division, The Yeomen of England. Our Symbol is a little yellow/green Dragon. Have a look at the wording on the arch at Corfe!

For you are all refugees from outside our land, that we let you enter out ancient kingdom, and settle here is due to our kindly nature, we feel sorry for you!
Think yourself very lucky that we let you share this wonderful Isle of Purbeck. For it is a place of great beauty, a gem of a place.

Oh! By the way. No need to pay homage to your betters, the local folk. Just tug at your forelock as you pass by.

Great Big Grin! Hope you like my little epistle!
A much travelled local.
Brian Guy

Anonymous said...

No one here I beleive is saying us and them situation, this all started when I made a coment about SOME people moving into this wonderful area and wanting to change it, to what thy wanted, I can give you instances where outsiders have moved here and within 2 or 3 months want to be or are on every comittee going. All some of us are saying is be respectful of our heritage and life, people retire here or have second homes because Swanage is Swanage a lovely seaside town. what evr you think there are stil issues that have ben going on for years and concern locals who have in depth knowledge and experience of these things opinions welcome of course, but as I say LOCAL knowledge and experience need to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Them and us? Times change the era of hotels all over the town has gone. The age of the holiday home is now with some hotels remaining for the business that is available a simple question of supply and demand and of course in some cases greed a building plot is worth a lot more than a hotel - fact of life. Its not all bad the town is becoming busy at weekends from those whom come to their hol. properties even in the winter, we must accept that although the trade of the summer has to be catered for and it is good for our economy there is another type of trade that is slowly building up. We are in a transition period it will take a long time to settle but dont just assume its a bad thing. Remember you do not spend £250,000 on a holiday or second home and never use it, people come here by choice and some stay and eventually become locals themselves.
The local council needs to identify the nature of the community it is serving. Issues that have arisen such as housing are at this moment a PDC priority and there are things being done, but not tommorrow. I have the honour of being born here and have lived her all my life, but just to surprise you, have taken things called holidays all over the world, some even past Wareham bridge! Just because we are local do not assume we are yocals. My experience of those whom come here is that they become protective of the town as they first saw it and are just as resistant to change as some locals. Most things have to evolve to become better, the only way to achieve this is by working together and through consultation with the community. Lets not become them and us there is only one thing that matters and that is enjoying the beauty and spendour of this town of ours and feeling lucky every day to live here.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with the sentiments of the last poster and his/her final sentence summarises the situation perfectly for me. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What ever is wrong with people moving here and taking an active part in the community? Its better than sitting on your bottom and sniping at anyone who tries to do anything.

One posting suggesting the council does some consultation is from a local who walks around with their eyes closed. In the last few years during which there has been a large amount of consultation and the production of parish and community plans by the councils and others. Ignoring this is grossly unfair to the many volunteers and officials who have put in a huge amount of work. Or am I missing the point that many of those consulted were born outside the parish?

Every initiative I can think of in the last 50 years has been started by people who have moved here. All these precious "locals" do is repeat "we have never done that in Swanage" like some sort of mantra or complain about change whatever is suggested.

If I am wrong tell me what changes locals have brought about.

By the way, for the benefit of those who have moved here in the last 30 years, the Shades Bar was what became the Club and it is now being reborn as a posh "cafe bar" full of leather sofas. Those bike boys must be turning in their graves!

Anonymous said...

It's my perception that many of the changes I have seen in Swanage over the past 30 years or so are to do with "locals" exploiting the "outsiders". Like it or lump it, Swanage is a SEASIDE RESORT - beautiful and full of Character though it is. You could blame the Victorians or whoever it was built the railway! Perhaps the entrenched "locals" would be better to regard the "Johnny-Come-Lately's" as the grit in the oyster that makes Swanage the "pearl" of the Isle of Purbeck.

Clive Lewis

PS I first came to Swanage in 1959. Does that qualify me for anything up the heirarchy of "local connection"?

Anonymous said...

1959 Clive, good try, but Oh Dear
Nooooo mate, you are an outsider, as is my wife, bless her, and she has been here since 1946. Though I suppopse my offspring are local, being born here.

My family have been here since at least the year 1500.
In military parlance...get your knees brown mate!
Brian Guy :)

Anonymous said...

April the second...Sunny morning..Now we can all see what a little jewel this place is.
Enjoy it
Brian Guy

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell us which decisions by the various Town, District and County councils would have been better if they had the benefit of more local knowledge? Perhaps if incomers were aware of historic errors of judgement they would be more cautious in future.

Anonymous said...

"All animals are equal, but ones born in Swanage are more equal than others"

Orwell, thou shou'st be living at this hour.

Apologies to Wordsworth

Anonymous said...

Ahhh but Brian can we enjoy, after all my kids have had to move away cant afford to live here.......but what the h*ll, you have to remember the good old days Brian cards beer saturdays all good ole local boys did we not have fun then, local councillors in the villages, swanage had good shops and trades men. Surley Brian you remember ?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes! I remember...It seems to me in my "dotage" that we enjoyed the best of this town of ours.
The Summer regatta was a family affair. Certainly enjoyed the wonderful evenings with the old darts and shove happeny nights.

Even the Square and Compass in mid winter with a full gale blowing. The Globe when Cyril Bower was about, Bless Him! and Eddie up the road. Great times.

Never any bad feeling, just great fun. Who would want to stop in and watch the TV in those days?

Cast your mind back. Can you recall when Bert Collier and myself won the Doubles at shove hapenny.

The Red Lion at Langton? where Ray Newman and Stella made the place a joy to visit.

When one starts talking about Swanage. There are many wonderful things to recall. And many wonderful people that it has been an honour and priviledge to have known. get me started and I will natter for hours.

The card games. Ah yes! What times we had, and at the end of the year we gained or lost nothing.

All those that settle here now can have little idea of the comradeship and friendship we enjoyed.
How fortunate that we were born here.

Before the war there was one big shortage....Money...We never had any of that sruff....

Better stop, or I shall be nattering on about so many friends that quietly slipped away.
Brian Guy.