Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Council meeting 25 Sept

Among other things:


- Safe bathing: question asked about extending the safe bathing zone: answer - is being discussed with PDC. Also reviewing the 5 knot marker buoys, both for uniformity and position
- Institute Road: can someone do something about the damaged pavements? DCC Councillor Hiett was present and agreed to pursue. Discussion ensued about enforcement of loading bay, stopping people parking on pavements; suggestion made that Loading Bay should be marked in yellow paint, and say Trade Vehicles Only.
- Jurassic Coast signs: temporary metal signs didn't get placed this summer; stone ones in preparation
- Bike racks on Quay: have been put in wrong place


- Local Development Plan: this PDC document comes out on 29 September,for publlic consultation until 10 November, will determine strategy for all of us for next 20 YEARS. Can be viewed at PDC offices, in libraries and on PDC website (from 29/9).


- Britain in bloom: Swanage won a Silver Award in the RHS Britain in Bloom contest, in the Coastal Resorts category; Durlston Country Park won a Conservation and Environment Award for its work

- Funding opportunity: A charity (the Scarman Trust) has some funds available for community projects. Please contact Mike Hadley (427277 or mail@mikehadley) or the Town Clerk for more details.


Anonymous said...

yes, but, well, wasn't there anything at all just a bit more interesting?

The Postman said...

if only you had been there....

Anonymous said...

about bloody time they stopped people parking in loading bays they cause all sorts of problems, just selfishness thats all.

Anonymous said...

Is on street parking a highways issue and therefore something dealt with by county? If not its a district and not a town/parish council concern. Why does it get raised at the town council meeting? Because our county and district councillors do not have open meetings in the town to hear the concerns of the people they represent.

If you had to invent a dafter less democratic system of local democracy you would be hard pressed to beat this. All praise to the who town council for letting the public have their say on matters which are decided by other councils but if you want to make your point to the members of the councils that matter you have to go to Wareham or Dorchester. Why can't district and county councillors hold monthly open meetings in Swanage to hear what their electors have to say and give their reply in public?

Anonymous said...

Im led to beleive that parking controls come from the town council they recommend to DCC what they think is needed or right and DCC act on it so if you want it changed you must persuade the local council ... see advertiser front page.