Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Money pits?

Have you heard that the gov't are looking for towns to volunteer to store radioactive waste.
With all the quarries around here, aren't we the perfect choice?
With it come Millions in funding.

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Anonymous said...

If you knew anything about the lethal effects of radio activity, the last thing you would do is even consider it.
Specially Gamma radiation. beside the rock strata here would leak through into the water table,

Just imagine going for a pee. with the room lighting up with a green glow as you undo your zip!

The Postman said...

So that's the explanation! I thought I was coming down with something nasty.

Anonymous said...

This can probably help both of you:

All research agencies sponsored by the nuclear industry agree that IT can be stored anywhere for as long as you like in:

Dry Cask Storage

If that doesn't work, then sprinkle with dreivatives of penicillin.

All happy, 2 problems solved for the price of one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just used a dritavite spelling of:




Anonymous said...

There is no way to store radio active materials safely. casks or anything else..One way only store it in glass and rocket it to the sun. Alpha rays are stopped by a bit of paper beta rays by a sheet of metal But gamma rays will penetrate 6 feet of lead.

Casks? will they last for five thousand years? For many active elements will have a half life over that period.. Ie it takes 5000 years for an element to lose half its radio active strength Emissons.

Anonymous said...

can't we use 2 metres of lead?

Anonymous said...

When a gamma ray passes through matter, the probability for absorption in a thin layer is proportional to the thickness of that layer. This leads to an exponential decrease of intensity with thickness:

I(d) = I0.e(-u d)

ASIDE - I can't work out how to get suprscript etc, but I hope you get the gist.

Here, μ = n×σ is the absorption coefficient, measured in cm-1, n the number of atoms per cm3 in the material, σ the absorption cross section in cm2 and d the thickness of material in cm.

Basically, this means that you need 9 times as much packed dirt to have the same effect as lead.

By the way those Egyptiand seemed to know a thing or two about preserving things.

Anonymous said...

Making Purbeck a radioactive rubbish dump would do wonders for reducing the impact of tourism on the environment. Unfortunately it would have the same effect on the economy.

Anonymous said...

You would have thought that that last post was true, wouldn't you?

Well, so did I.

Buuuut, the Guardian, the Independant and the Telegraph all have reports showing that Chernobyl is now a tourist attraction.

Anonymous said...

couldnt it be marketed as a USP (unique selling point)?
The Jurrassic Coast meets Jurassic Park?
Church Knowle could rename itself: Chenobal Knowle.
If you read other posts on this blog you could easily be forgiven in thinking that there is a unique disease in Swanage, could we rename ourselves Strontium?
Doset lamb could come with 5 legs.
We could start growing the purbeck pig - no drugs needed, in fact already part cooked.
Just imaginre the fun we could have at Farmers Markets - "you call that a Farmer, in my day they didn't need lead trousers".
C'mon think positive.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this should be our USP (Unique Selling Point)
The Jurrassic Coast meets Jurrassic Park.
Rename Church Knowle, Chernobal Knowle.
Our Dorset Lambs could come with 5 legs.
We could breed the Purbeck Pig - no vaccinations needed - and part cooked.
Reading some of the other threads on this blog it would be easy to believe that Swanage is afflicted with a strange disease
Let's rename ourselve Strontium.
How about Farmers Markets - "you call that a farmer, in my day they didn't need lead trousers".
C'mon be positive.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's That's a a very very good good posting posting..

Anonymous said...

Bin Ladens caves are now a tourist attraction.
Do we need to reassess why people come to Strontium.
What about the millions in funding?

Anonymous said...

If the cows that sit on the path along the ridge to Corfe glowed in the dark there would be much less risk of walkers tripping on them if they are overtaken by dusk.

Anonymous said...

If Nike have any sense they'll build the Strontium Tracker.
They glow and everytime you put your foot down a tiny nuke goes off and speeds you on your way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah OK, but what about the millions in funding?