Friday, October 20, 2006

Swanage Bay Sails?

Anon asks: Has anyone heard the rumours that the Swanage Bay view complex is up for sale?


Postman2 said...

No, but STC has no business running a commercial enterprise such as this. It should be sold or at the least the franchise put out to tender. Rent received would in real terms far outweigh any current profits.
May I also suggest the next caravan park planning a swimming pool is approached by the council with view to a public/private finance deal so Swanage gets a decent sized pool for all to use. This should have happened at Ulwell, and could I suppose come to fruition at Herston Yard.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with municipal businesses? The councils businesses bring in half their income. This is preferable to paying more council tax.

I only wish they would start more businesses and bring the council tax down some more.

Anonymous said...

Interseting point.
The reason our poll tax is the highest in purbeck is cuz back in '74 when swanage TOWN council became swanage PARISH council - strange how no-one remembers that bit - the council put:

Vista - whatever it is
and possibly the Grammar School into trust status. (Please correct me if technically wrong).
This means their income goes to the PARISH council rather than the District, so we, the people, pay more poll tax.
I accept that at the time it seemed a smart move.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the last poster take the trouble to do a little research before posting. The facts are not too difficult to find.

Anonymous said...

cuz I was tired

Anonymous said...

Why is Swanage council tax the highest in Purbeck? Because theres more to spend money on here than in the villages.

Anonymous said...

Well of course there's more money spent, but there are more residents to pay for it.