Wednesday, December 06, 2006


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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam

has anyone noticed how wet and windy it is out there?


A Ferry Company.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if some car drivers in Swanage need to read the highway code? If there is any confussion, you are NOT allowed to park in unloading bays its dangerous and casues lots of problems, I will repeat NOT allowed to park in unloading bays.
P.S not even if you drive a jag!

Anonymous said...

I've lifted this off the Ferry Website and brightend up a damp grey sunday:-
"Refit Latest as of Sunday 10th December.
A break in the poor weather has enabled us to refloat the ferry in Southampton and we managed to return it to Poole under tow on the morning of Saturday 9th December. After reconnecting the ferry to the chains we plan to carry out routine safety trials and adjustments during the weekend after which we will be able to resume service, hopefully early in week commencing 11th December. We will make every effort to return to service as soon as possible."


Anonymous said...

Can anyone remember those halcyon days when Swanage annually neared the top of the U.K. sunshine league? Does anyone wonder why these days we seem to get less recorded sunshine than our neighbouring resorts? Statistics, incidently, that are published daily in the national press. Does anyone even care? Surely, it is in all our interests for the publication of this kind of information to be accurate, especially as Swanage relies so heavily on tourism? Apart from anything else, someone who works for the town council is spending a considerable amount of time updating notice boards outside both the Town Hall and the Information Centre with erroneous statistics. The reason for these inaccuracies is clear and incredibly simple. The Met.Office recording device located in De Moulham Road, moved to this site many years ago from the roof of a local building, spends the last hour or so of each day's sunshine - wait for it - in the shade!!! This situation should be laughable, but perhaps it is another reason for Swanage's fall in popularity as a holiday resort, loss of income and properity from which has affected us all. Comments please...

Anonymous said...

Is Swanage losing popularity as a holiday resort?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


The Seventh Swanage Blues Festival will be held in various venues around the town from 2-4 March 2007. Admission is free and further information can be found at

The festival brings a lot of business into the town on what would be an otherwise very quiet weekend, and it has grown hugely since the first one in 2001.

Organising, advertising and promoting this event takes a considerable amount of my time, energy and money, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

However, I am now in a wheelchair and unable to earn money to subsidise the event like I used to, so if anybody would like to help in any way, you are welcome to contact me.

Ways to help include telling friends, relatives and customers; putting up posters; giving out flyers; or putting a link on your website.

You can advertise on the festival website from only £12 a year, make a donation or you might like to sponsor an artist's performance.

I'm also looking for people who can put up a musician for a night or two.

If you can help in any way, please contact me on 01929 422338 or via the website

Thank you and Compliments of the Season!

Anonymous said...

The new road layout at the lights by the Catholic Church is all wrong. There is nolonger two lanes, so anyone wishing to go straight on along Victoria Avenue towards the seafront has to wait behind the majority of cars queued to turn right into Rempstone Road.

Anonymous said...

As the fag-end of another year sinks into the soon to be illegal ash-tray of Orwellian fantasy: what can we say about 2006?

Monty Panesar wins Beard of the Year.
Mark Ramprakash wins Strictly Come Dancing.
S Yorks Police have just prosecuted themselves for speeding.
The Top 40 is now downloads only.

Anonymous said...

Just read george willeys bit in the advertiser about the chav problems, according to many in here who wear rose tinted glasses, theres not a problem in swanage, I got flamed in august for suggeting there was. wake up and smell the coffee it is a BIG problem in swanage.