Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Those were the days?

Machine-gunned in Swanage:


Anonymous said...

I've just been to visit my parents and somehow we got round to reminiscing about the old family mansion.
'Then there was the conservatory attached to the back room' - me dear old ma waxed. 'You of course wont remember that, cuz when the bomb dropped during the war, all the glass was shattered and never replaced'.

Anonymous said...

My sister had cannon shell through her bedroom when a fighter strafed the town.

Anonymous said...

The Royal Engineers that put up the defences along Swanage sea front eraly in the war, was the same company that I joined later, and the same Assault company that led the way off the beaches on D day, they were armed with explosive charges (Beehives)to remove the enemy concrete gun positions, and flame throwers if needed.

Their task was to open the road from the beach to the lateral road beyond, no matter what, or who.

All the task were completed. many Sappers died on Sword removing the explosive shell and mines from the beach defences.

They continued to swim amongst the explosives even when the tide came in and many drowned sticking to their tasks.

Greater love hath no man.

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