Monday, June 02, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Hi I am from out of town and am thinking of tendering for The Mowlem. I have a catering business in Birmingham, but would love to move with my family to Swanage. I hope you don't mind me butting into your blog but I would like to ask why is the present tenant leaving? The details from the agent are very sketchy with no real lease details or ins and outs. (like who locks up, who cleans the loos, are there any maintenance issues etc). Also how would locals like the establishment to improve. Any help greatly appreciated.
all best

Anonymous said...

Mark Hix, ex chef director of Caprice Holdings, the owner of London restaurants the Ivy, Le Caprice and Scott’s is opening a restaurant in Lyme Regis.

Gary Rhodes, he of the hair, is opening 2 in newly refurbed hotels in Christchurch.

I'm going to the Tratt next Fri!

Will I be missing anything!

wickedwitch said...

You may be interested in this article in today's Telegraph.

Purbeck are the only Authority to charge £1000 per bedroom in planning applications!

I had assumed that all authorities made the same charges!

Anonymous said...

Support for the new festival?

Last October I organised a new event, the first Swanage Blues & Roots Festival. It was an undoubted success, attracting even more people to the town than the usual March blues festivals.

I will be attempting the second Swanage Blues & Roots Festival on 3, 4 and 5 October 2008. If you wish to take part or can assist in any way, please let me know.

Individuals can spread the word, give out business card-size flyers or put up a poster.
Businesses can advertise, put up a poster, display business card-size flyers, make a donation or have a window display over the weekend.

If you own or run a suitable venue, you might want to have some live music. Even if you do not have an entertainments licence, temporary ones can be obtained for only £21 total for up to 4 days - I have details.

If you are interested, or know somebody who could be, please contact me.

This festival will be the 10th one I've organised. These events are held out of season so as to bring a considerable amount of money to the town when Swanage most needs it.

They take up nearly all my time and I fund them out of my own money, which is not a lot because I am in a wheelchair and unable to tour as a professional musician any more.

I can only make this new October event work with your encouragement and support. Please help me to ensure that the festivals continue. Thank you.

Steve Darrington
Tel: 01929 422338

Anonymous said...

ex Shore House building site.
Now Barratt Homes are virtually in receivership with the share price falling from £13 to 50p will they have to sell this site? Is it possible the wasteland will remain as it is for years to come and be another blot on Swanage seafront?

The Postman said...

However, the topic "New Subject" refers to a non-existent "Comment (Bottom Right)" which will refer e to "Post a Comment" which is apparently the place for posting New Subjects rather than comments, Can I ask you to post the following:

It may be common knowledge to locals, but I heard for the first time that the Council is proposing that the Tourist Information Office on Shore Road should be moved elsewhere (Townhall?) and that the premises should be converted into a money-making Museum of Enid Blyton. I realize that Enid has her partisans, but for me and most of my contemporaries, she is a creature of bourgeois nostalgia, a dated and rather pathetic cultural icon destined for the dustbin of sentimental literature. Why should Enid's sterile mementoes displace one of the few efficient tourist services we have in the best possible location for its purpose? The Information office in its present locale serves a multitude of functions. It is warm and welcoming, a center for lost children and possessions, a first-aid and emergency center, a housing bureau and valuable aid to those providing accommodation, a poster of tides and current events, a provider of maps and pamphlets and histories and Jurassic propaganda - I am sure the list could be extended. It is virtually certain that most of these useful functions would go abegging if the office were moved to the town hall in what is now a back street of the town, almost as inaccessible to cars as the beachfront.
The best possible alternative locale for a money-losing museum that I can imagine is the Mowlem, which is already an Enid Blyton Museum without knowing it, and has always been a bastion of contempt for tourism as its palsied trustees sleep the sleep of the self-righteous. Save the tourist office - say I!
Ian Lowson

Anonymous said...

Swanage Life

I am currently preparing a new website for Swanage called Swanage Life covering topics such as:

What’s On in Swanage, Special Offers from Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Things To Do, Alternative Swanage, A Guide to Night Life, Local Services and Trades, Companies That Deliver Goods, Cleaners For Your Holiday Home, What’s Hot and What’s Not, Festivals, Concerts, Children’s Activities, Where To Stay, Where To Eat, Where To Drink, Where To Hire Disabled Equipment, Street Maps and Important Telephone Numbers, Who Makes The Best Coffee, Opinions and Personal Histories, Why People Live Here and much more!
OK Everybody! Here's a chance for you!

* Tell me what you think should be covered under 'much more'.
So why am I doing this? Well, the last Swanage Blues Festival brought in less money from local businesses than ever before, and I can't keep the festivals going without financial backing. So the idea is that this new website will make me some dosh and keep the festivals afloat. Who knows? if there's enough coming in, I might even be able to do more events!

I am willing to update the website on a daily basis, but I can't go round chasing for information, so it's up to you!
Steve Darrington

Tel: 01929 422338
Post: Steve Darrington, c/o T I C, Shore Rd, Swanage, Dorset BH19 1LB

Anonymous said...

A new festival for Swanage is being planned - "Local Food, World Music" will take place on 5, 6, 7 June 2009. Further information, as it becomes known, will be available on

Anonymous said...

PDC - I despair!

A largely incompetent document that I spent - wasted - time reading and responding to.

"next steps will be published in due course".

"Thank you for your response to Purbeck’s Detailed Development Control Policies. A report on responses and next steps will be published in due course.

Best wishes


Margaret Cheetham
Senior Planning Officer
Purbeck District Council
Westport House
Wareham BH20 4PP

01929 557322".

Anonymous said...

Hang on I thought Norden was already a park and ride so why do they need a consultant? "Currently, Norden Park and Ride is primarily a car park for Swanage Railway, Corfe Castle and for buses to Swanage itself.
Now, a working group made up of councillors and other stakeholder groups is in the process of appointing expert consultants to look into how the facility can become an environmentally friendly transport focal point for Purbeck." eh???

Also why ar they resurfacing Valley Road and Studland at the same time. There has been plenty of notice of the September ferry closure, surely the time to do Studland would be when the ferry is off?

Anonymous said...

What slice of the tourist market is Swanage actually aiming at?

Does it coincide with the people it actually attracts?

Does it coincide with what people think it should be?