Friday, October 30, 2009

Vic Club

So our local night club is set to become three shops/flats. What a disaster for the Town. Swanage RIP. Can this not be stopped in planning?

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Anonymous said...

So another business closes and is to be sold for flats. More second home owners?

Do I see a trend here for Swanage?

Anonymous said...

What is the source of this? I could not find a planning application. Its a little hard to see it as a disaster if the place does not attract enough customers to keep. The Club has been quietly fading away ever since other establishments were able to open after 11pm.

Previous owners looked at a variety of options so this is hardly novel. Many will consider the lower High Street to be better off without it.

Anonymous said...

erm get real.

There is only so much demand for late night drinking and this will be met by another establishment if it's not met by the club. I can see the East Bar doing well if the club closes.

Hopefully where ever gets the late night trade will sell better beer than the club (one bitter if your lucky!)

Anonymous said...

Rules of this Blog include:

"avoid saying anything malicious or untrue".

Should The Moderator allow a post such as the original in this thread, without reference to source?

If not true, such a rumour could seriously affect the business concerned. For example, there are a lot of private parties held there now, and people thinking of booking the club may go elsewhere.

Clarification please, Mr Moderator!

Anonymous said...

Ah - looks like the Hon. Mod. deleted the offending post!

A round for all at The Vic! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

So what is the source of this topic please?

Anonymous said...

it's common knowledge

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an update to this post is called for?