Thursday, December 31, 2009

Visitors to this site

I see that Swanageview has  more than 100,820 Unique Visits since I started this site started in 2004. Can someone tell me: does this mean 'visits to the site from different computers', so would pretty much mean different people?


Virtual Swanage said...

Normally unique visits is a person visits the site and then leaves but if they come back again later its counted as another unique visit.

If you stats show return visitors its a better reflection on how popular a site is and also the number of pages they view each visit.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I'm a tad confused here!

Presumably a moderator has posted this comment and only moderators can tell us about site statistics.

Can someone break this circle?


virtual swanage said...

with response to 8.56pm, The Postman (moderator) asked "Can someone tell me: does this mean 'visits to the site from different computers', so would pretty much mean different people?"

What do circles have to do with it?

Anonymous said...

As I understand things the mod can check the site stats. So if a mod posts a question that they can answer, then that's a circle.

If they can't answer the question by checking the stats then surely they should ask, thus breaking the circle.

Anonymous said...

The site is using and not stats from blogger

The Postman said...

..and I've not yet found out how to access info on site statistics. I spent some time looking at my google account, but not really much the wiser.Any hot tips?

The Postman said...

ok, have delved a little deeper. Have posted a table with the original post, and here's some explanation from

Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visitors and first time visitors - all your visitors.

To make up for relying on cookies in the summary stats, the rest of the stats are based on your detailed log analysis of the last xxx number of pageloads. The uniqueness in this case is based on your visitors' IP addresses. This method works very well for the majority, but yet again there is an exception. AOL users, and visitors who use what is known as a 'dynamic web proxy' that changes each time they access a webpage. So if a single AOL user visits 7 webpages on your website it will likely come up as 7 different IP addresses!