Monday, August 02, 2010

Planning consultation

Swanage Town Council to give response to Planning Consultation to Purbeck District Council tonight at Swanage Town Hall 7pm.

Members of the public have fifteen minutes at the beginning of the meeting to have their say.

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David Furmage said...

I hear that most of the council voted against the building off new flats in Herston.

Could this be the beginning of a better furtue for us all in Swanage?. Or will PDC and DCC just override everything as usual?

Anonymous said...

Dunno, but I find that leaving things as they are is rarely the beginning of a better future.

Anonymous said...

But leaving things as they are, in some cases could be a whole lot better than what is planned!

Not against change but it should be change for the best interests of Swanage.

Yes, I would think that those at the STC meeting would be thinking positively of their council.

Swanage Town Council seem to recently be more tuned in, listening and supporting this community, also they seem to be helping to get a strong message across to PDC and DCC.

David Furmage said...

" Swanage Town Council seem to recently be more tuned in, listening and supporting this community "

I have to agree I have noticed this personally aswell , thou theres that always in the back of your mind thinking are they just saying things to keep you happy kind of thought.

But I do feel a change and for the good

Anonymous said...

" Swanage Town Council seem to recently be more tuned in, listening and supporting this community "

I agree, but the 'standards' set by the previous mayor and town clerk are not hard to better.

The Postman said...

The Purbeck Flawed Strategy for Swanage?

Now that the dust has settled on the public consultation which finished at the end July, I wonder if we should now examine this consultation: Why was there a preferred option? isn't that putting a bias on the process at the very start - why have a consultation if you might have made up your mind already? Should it not have been a straight "which one: A, B, C, D, "None of the above"" kind of question? Why was it not mandatory to supply name address etc in the response - to stop mass mailings from spare copies picked up from the library. Why did so many people say that they had never received the questionaire? Indeed why were we not informed that site A and C weren't even realistic options?
I have looked at most of the documents and I think that the PDC planning department have done a thorough job in developing their core strategy, but I think that they have failed with the public consultation. Given that no one seems to know what the medical practice/NHS/PCT position is, how can our District Councillors possibly vote for any of this on October 5th? Discuss...

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Anonymous said...

It was consultation not some form of referendum. There is a difference. Don't expect too much of it.

Anonymous said...

So please could you explain what is the purpose, poin and definition of a public consultation ??