Thursday, August 05, 2010

Subject: Another local website

Found today when looking for some local info, all the links are broken at the moment but it seems the site is made by West Country Online Limited at and not a Purbeck company.

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The Postman said...

I think this is the new url for swanageonline....

Anonymous said...

The domain name is registered thus:
Julian May
Trading as:
Westcountry Online Limited
Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 6459849)
Registrant's address:
26 Bryn Road

It is involved with, among other things, website design. Anybody can buy any available domain name for a few pounds a year...for example, is available for about a fiver a year. Either this firm is holding this name for a client, or it is in the business of buying domain names in the hope that it will be worth something one day (a bit like favoured license registration plates).

This company produces this online publication which might be of interest:

Virtual Swanage said...

Ref: 1.41. We still own which we use for

The domain was owned by the same person who had and a load of other local domains so perhaps hes been offered some money to sell it. We were offered it a few years ago but it was far too expensive to buy.