Thursday, August 12, 2010

Strange Lights above Swanage on the 8th August.

Right , I know I was not the only one who watched for 30 minutes a helicopter follow and hover above glowing lights out towards the Durlston area. Around 10pm onwards.

Now they could not have been these lanterns as there was a slight westerly breeze so they would have gone towards the sea. They appeared to fly in the same flight path coming inland. At one point one stopped while the others flew under the helicopter. Then the search light shone on them from the helicopter then these lights all disappeared. A few of us watched it from the back of the Ship Inn at Langton. And I received phone calls while watching them from other people who were watching the from other parts of Swanage that evening.

Also a glowing light was seen hovering Corfe about 30 minutes after the one in Swanage , with the helicopter hovering above this one too.

So can anyone explain?

Posted by David Furmage to swanageview at 2:45 PM


Anonymous said...

Stephen Foote said...

There were chinese lanterns out that night, I saw at least two ascending from somewhere around the Middle School, and they rose and drifted slowly south-east towards Durlston. The Police helicopter was hovering just behind our house at the time, but wasn't using its searchlight (I presume it was watching something using its thermal imaging cameras?) In fact one of the lanterns drifted past the helicopter at a slightly lower elevation. Coincidence I think?

Anonymous said...

Chinese lanterns - don't they have an open flame in them? What happens if one of these land on the dry heath? Are these things a clever idea when there is a drought?