Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Nursery for Swanage?

One area of childcare that Parents in Swanage lack is the all year round Day Nursery. This is an area that Starlight Childcare would like to address.

The economic times we are now all experiencing means that any funding from local government to assist in a project to create a Day Nursery in Swanage plus finding suitable premises is unlikely, therefore an alternative way of providing Day Nursery care is being examined.

Starlight Childcare has a Day Nursery at Dorset Green Technology Park providing all year round care for 0-8 years of age and is next door to Dorset Police HQ. It is managed by an OFSTED Outstanding Childminder with an experienced and qualified team. Free Nursery Education is available.

With a member of the Starlight Childcare team on board we intend to offer a transportation package with a local operator to get your children to and from the Day Nursery. Age related booster seats will be used and your child will be well looked after on the journey.

If you are interested in taking advantage or finding out more please contact us on 01305 851725.

The success of this venture is reliant on a suitable number of children attending from Swanage.


Experience and Qualifications attached to Children with Additional Needs and can offer respite care.

Best Wishes
Marrianne Strong Cert EYP (Open) Dip.Child.Psychol
Starlight Childcare
Ofsted Outstanding Childminder 2008

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Logging on to the second page of that site causes my browser (Firefox) to crash. Wonder why?

That aside, why is a private business being allowed to advertise itself in this manner? While I am all for opromoting educational alternatives, especially local ones, I question why this post was permitted on this blog.

Also, this is not in Swanage, but many miles from it. In fact, there are closer options in Poole if one uses the ferry.

Can I presume that Castle Court and Bournemouth Collegiate can post similar posts as they DO provide transport daily from Swanage? I am sure they would like the added free exposure.

And, isn't the government proposing funding day care/nursery from age two in the near future? If so, would this not give Swanage the impetus to create its own nursery/day care (if one does not exist anyway.

Plunking a child in day care/nursery all day is too long, in my humble opinion. Add to that a commute of up to 30 minutes is simply not fair. Half day is enough, including transport.