Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sea users

Finding Sanctuary fishing and recreational maps - final opportunity to check.

As their period of data collection is coming to an end, Finding Sanctuary are asking sea users across the region to check the maps that have created with the data collected so far.  These maps include data collected between October 2007 and September 2010 by Finding Sanctuary Liaison Officers and
via the Interactive Map, so Finding Sanctuary anticipate adding more information and creating the final maps used in Marine Conservation Zone decision making by the end of November.

All maps are available at: http://www.finding-sanctuary.org/page/resources.html under the "general"
 tab of the resources page of the website. Once you have downloaded the map (s) of their choice, Finding sanctuary are asking people to check that the data represents a true picture of the region (based on the knowledge of their area and sector of interest). If not, there are three options for you to comment:

1.       If there are inaccuracies in the data or comments about the way it is presented please contact Shaun Lewin at shaun.lewin@southwestfoodanddrink.com

 2.       If fishing, club or charter boat data is missing please contact John Weinberg, Dorset Finding Sanctuary Liaison Officer: 0778675294 or john.weinberg@southwestfoodanddrink.com

 3.       If recreational data (boating, diving, sea angling) is missing please visit www.mczmapping.org register and enter your data.

No more data or comments will be able to be incorporated in Finding Sanctuary’s MCZ planning work after 31st October.

Matilda Bark
Policy Assistant
Dorset Coast Forum
C/o Environment Services
Dorset County Council
01305 224833

http://www.dorsetcoast.com/ or http://www.cscope.eu/

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