Sunday, October 03, 2010

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Virtual Swanage said...

Register for faster broadband

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Anonymous said...


Core Strategy Meeting to be continued:

Next meeting Tuesday 12 October 7pm - Westport House, Wareham.

The Core Strategy meeting held at the Purbeck School on Tuesday 5th was attended by hundreds. Many people could not get into the hall and stood listening from outside the building. The meeting was ajourned at about 11.45pm to be continued next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

OOps re last post - its an early start next Tuesday for Core Strat. 6pm. Will it be difficult for some to get there from work ??

Anonymous said...

Interesting little piece about seaside resorts in the Independent to day.

The English resort "is a dismal row of tattoo parlours, slot machine arcades and takeaway food shops."

"it's impossible to escape the pervasive smell of frying fat, as though there's an unbreakable link between the seaside, fast food and cafés with formica tables."

Sound familiar?

Worth a read, even to disagree.

Anonymous said...

"Councillors chose not to allocate the former grammar school site in Swanage to allow further investigation into the potential of reusing the premises for a free school under new government education proposals."

If I read this right, then good news for Education Swanage, but, then that means bad news for Herston Fields, or no housing for Swanage.

Oh, choices choices!

Anonymous said...


I stopped off at the Lookout by Studland golf club and DCC have seen fit to put up new parking regs and no campling signs.

SIGNS, note, not sign. In fact they've put up SIX, yep, 6.


Anonymous said...


"One potential housing site in Swanage is a former grammar school which local group Education Swanage would like to open as a free school under the government's Big Society scheme.

Council members agreed to defer a decision about the land until next year, pending the success of the education proposal."

If I read this right, then good news for Education Swanage, but, then that means bad news for Herston Fields, or, no housing for Swanage.

Oh, choices choices!

Anonymous said...

Slow and overcrowded trains, why bother with the main line connection?
Is anyone else fed up with the overcrowding on South West train service to and from Waterloo? I recently boarded at Wareham 09.53 and got a seat OK but by departure from Bournemouth there were people standing and the tea trolley was stuck at base. Returning at 17.35 the whole train was packed with generally stoic people, but many others, some sitting on the floor, complaining of being treated like cattle.