Wednesday, December 01, 2010

East Stoke wind farm gets ok

Wind farm - yeeha!


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Anonymous said...

Good news.

Now will the protesters please remove their unsightly signs from the verge of the A351?

Anonymous said...

and will the planning officers eat humble pie for recommending refusal?

Anonymous said...

That is asking too much..........

Anonymous said...

Another PDC meeting that lasted until midnight. The DART and CPRE did themselves no favours by bringing up anecdotal and non material planning policies to object to the the wind farm. CPRE states on its website that it supports renewables including wind, but then objects to every application.

Someone has to do it.

PDC have done it, they've been brave! The high qualitiy of the speakers in support helped to inform the council that it is better to be responsible for our own energy locally, rather than relying on harmful sources that destroy habitats elsewhere.

It was a bit of a rocky ride as it seemed at one point that a red faced ranting councillor was going to sway his party friends, but, sensibly, his microphone was turned off by the chair, and peace and traquility returned. Then a more rational approach continued.

Purbeck will now become part of the solution and not the problem.

Oracle said...

The East Stoke proposal can generate only 6-11% of the claimed capacity of 9.2Mw and will not recover its own Carbon cost of manufacture, installation and removal.
It will thus be a net increase to Carbon emissions and be a part of the problem not a part of the solution. Councillors have failed to protect the funding Public from this aberration.