Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Non-monetary systems?

Are non monetry systems alive and kicking in Purbeck ?

LETS-Local Exchange Trading Systems


Local economies-ie Totnes/Lewes Pound

Barter Systems


Tokens: ie babysitting (1 token= 1 hour of babysitting) - worked well in Swanage in the 80's - 90's

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Inland Revenue is interested in finding out more.

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Lets was moderately successful for a few years but the problem was a lack of volunteers to administer it after the initial enthusiasm waned. The problem is that these things do not attract people with saleable skills. In other words lots of dog walkers but not many plumbers.

If anyone is interested there is a fair amount of literature on the benefits of local schemes which can be a very good way of stimulating a town's economy since the tokens used have to circulate locally and keep going round and round.

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How about a Purbeck pound ?


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As the title of the book says, Make it Happen. My advice is get on with it, ignore the mockers and beware of people who want to talk and not do.