Tuesday, December 21, 2010

James Day Home

Would someone like to enlighten us please.



The Postman said...

Dorset County Council's cabinet agreed in December to 'explore an interim solution' to improve future care for older people in Swanage, particularly those with dementia.' Stripped of the jargon, this means that the home will probably reopen with a medium term lease. However, a final decision is still some months away.

Anonymous said...

Interim solution lol.. I can think of a few for the local council.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't DCC use this opportunity to update James Day home into a 21st C Care home that does improve future care for older people in Swanage. If it needs to downsized a tad, then some affordable housing or warden assisted housing could be added.

Why would DCC wish to give up another of its assets.

All a bit confusing this, on the one hand we are hearing that there is a dire need for a dementia care home, and on the other DCC is planning to close it down.

There is either 'need' or no 'need'.

It would be a shame if James Day was not given a makeover and reopened. Good luck to the Save James Day group. Hoping that your campaign comes to fruition.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot of input on this discussion thread. Does anyone know what is happening that can update?